Must Have Breastfeeding Items

I have been breastfeeding for a cumulative total of 45 months (and counting!) which is approximately 3.75 years of my life. That’s a lot of milk making! I’m not an expert by any means, and there are lots and lots of ways to do things, but I thought I would take some time to share a few of my must have breastfeeding items and some of the things that have gotten the most use for myself and my babies over the past, almost 4 years of my life!

Must Have Breastfeeding Items

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Boppy Pillow + Cute Covers: I know there are a few nursing pillows on the market now that other women swear by, but I have had the same boppy pillow since I had Abigail and I am ridiculously sentimentally attached to it! I’ve simply ordered new covers (like this one) with each baby and have loved it so much in those early days! Bonus: it’s great for tummy time and propping up baby (supervised of course!)

Snuggle Me Organic: We used this co-sleeper with Finn and it was a total game changer. Having him close made those middle of the night feedings a breeze and it was fantastic when it came time to transition him to his own room and crib. I can’t recommend this product enough!

Burp Rags: Abigail and Finn have been my epic spitters- so copious amounts of burp rags have been a must have in our house! I absolutely love the designs and fabric of these burp rags. If you’re going to be using them for something kind of gross- at least they can be cute!

Nursing Pads: I have to wear nursing pads 100% of the time when I am breastfeeding. I’ve tried a few different brands and types (up&up are okay!) but the Lansinoh brand is my personal favorite.

High Quality Prenatal Vitamins: These are the prenatal vitamins my naturopath had me start taking before Mabel and I have been taking them daily ever since. They are pricey, but they are fantastic vitamins that have absolutely everything you need. (Particularly for me they contain folate- since I have MTHFR I need this in a vitamin!)

Water Bottle: The best water bottle option is the giant jug they let you take home from the hospital(I think we have like four of these at our house) but if you’re in the market for a new water bottle to carry around with you that isn’t emblazoned with the logo of the hospital where you gave birth- check this one out!

Lanolin: Those first few weeks? Months? Use this stuff all day, err day.

Gel Soothies: Along with lanolin- these things are life savers in the early days.

Mom tip #1: put them in the fridge. cold gel soothies? bless.

Mom tip #2: cut them into 4th’s so they last longer! You don’t need a giant circle shape- just small triangles to cover the sore nipple area is all you need!

Pacifiers: Everyone has different opinions on this one- but for me, I didn’t want to be a pacifier so I gave all three of my kids a paci in the hospital. You do you, boo.

Mom tip #3: Buying pacifiers? get yourself some glow in the dark ones. GAME.CHANGER.

Nursing Tanks: I still live in these. Every day. Every night. This brand is awesome but I love these ones too!

Nursing Bras: These bras are so comfy- if you aren’t using a tank these are the next best thing. Easy to wear, easy to nurse in. Love em!

Multi Use Nursing Cover: Differing opinions on whether to use a cover or not….but, if you choose to go the cover route, definitely get a cover like this! So stretchy and easy to use- and most importantly, it covers my back fat. To be honest, I don’t care if you see my boob, I just don’t want you to see my love handles.

Breast Pump: I haven’t pumped with Mabel or Finn, but when I had Abigail I had a pretty great freezer stash thanks to this guy! If you need or want to pump, this gets the job done! (of course you’ll want to be sure to get bottles/pump accessories/storage bags/etc for this!)

And that’s it! Hopefully that gets you started with what you will want to have on hand for the start of your breastfeeding journey and beyond!

What are your favorite, must have breastfeeding items? List them in the comments!

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  1. Love hearing what your breastfeeding must have are. Pacifiers are a must. We gave are daughter one after she was 3 weeks old. Now if she wakes up at night she find it and goes back to sleep.

    I love the mother love nipple cream. I will have to try out the one you mention her. If I need to use nipple cream again.

    Congrats on not having to pump. I pumped at the start of my breastfeeding journey and have now stopped. Due to I hate the breast pump.

  2. My favorite breast pads are lily padz, they actually stop you from leaking and I haven’t needed lanolin since I started using them!

    I also love my spectra pump and the kinde twist system!

  3. So when you wear the tanks do you not wear a bra at all??? Where have I been???

    I worked 2 years as a postpartum nurse and I tell everyone nipple butter from Amazon or the Honest Company is way way better than Lanolin. I personally never felt like the lanolin helped me at all.

  4. Hi, Love hearing what your breastfeeding must have are.I also love the mother love nipple cream. I will have to try out the one you mention her. If I need to use nipple cream again.Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.

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