Visit From The Greats

A few weekends ago my grandparents came for a quick weekend visit to see us and to meet Miss Mabel! It was such a treat to have them in our home and without a big weekend full of plans and things to go and do. We were able to just hang around the house and visit with one another, catch up face to face with all of the things that have been going on with us, and take a brief trip into town for some fun shopping together at Kohl’s and Target. They live in Indiana, so our visits together aren’t all that frequent. So it’s really, really special when it happens!

My grandma and Abigail share the same middle name- Faye 🙂 Abigail has also taken to calling them Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Lindsey. I love how kiddos come up with their own name combos for grands! (in this case, great grands!)

Speaking of Abigail, she selected this outfit for Miss Mabel and thought it was SO hilarious because she looked like a big strawberry.

As always, Mabel was happy to be passed around and as pleasant and wonderful of a baby as you could hope for. She was even a willing participant in a few different photo ops. What a kid.

We were so very happy to spend time together and always look forward to the chance to get to do it again! We’re due to take the girlies up for a trip to IN, so maybe that will get to happen sometime in the next year or so 🙂


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