Father’s Day Weekend

We had the best weekend ever! Jim and Abigail finished up their last showing of Charlotte’s Web on Sunday afternoon, we had Chili’s for Father’s Day lunch, and Del Rio for Father’s Day supper!

Then we headed to Branson with Jim’s parents to stay the night before having a fun day at Silver Dollar City on Monday!

Of course I couldn’t let the day go by without snagging a few Father’s Day pictures! It’s crazy to think that there will be another little person in the picture next year- our little dude! Who is he going to look like???? We can’t wait to find out!

So anyway, Silver Dollar City. I don’t usually post a bunch of pictures every time we visit, but we hadn’t been in a year in a half(to the date exactly!) so it was our first time in a long while.

The last time we went, Mabel was about 6 months old? And she basically just hung out in the Solly baby wrap the entire time.

Photo for reference. Also that face. I DIE.

So this was Mabel’s first time to actually get to ride some rides! Jim and I had talked about it beforehand and were totally unsure as to how it would go with her. She could go either way, love it or completely hate it. We didn’t know which way she would go, but thankfully, she LOVED it!

In fact, we had more than a little bit of little sister drama because there were still a good number of rides that she was still too short to be allowed on(she just needs to grow the height of her pony tail before our next visit :p) and it broke her little heart to have to watch big sister riding rides and having fun and her having to sit on the sidelines.

Fortunately, there were frogs and butterflies(and later dalmatians!) that were just perfect for Mabel and she rode them over and over and over again.

Jim took the day off on Monday so that we didn’t have to go on a weekend and it was the best decision ever. The crowds were light so the girls got to ride TONS of rides and we lucked out because the weather was absolutely perfect. It was cloudy all day and never got really hot- though it was warm enough for Abigail to get to ride the big log water ride for the first time! It gave her a huge thrill and she was so proud of herself for riding it!

She also rode the tea cups by herself(because none of the adults were up for spinning…nope) and she was absolutely beaming when she got off the ride because she felt so grown up!

So, all in all, it was a pretty fantastic day for both of our girls! They loved it so much and already can’t wait to go back and do it all over again.

Definitely a great end to an awesome Father’s Day weekend!

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  1. Mabel’s little ponytail and bow are just so stinking cute. And the picture of her with her hands up, oh man she is cute! Watching kids grow up is so much fun. I’m glad your family had a good Father’s Day weekend.

  2. that bow in mabel’s hair… i cannot even!!! she is such a grown lady!! can’t wait to see baby boy starring in your future family photos. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. What a perfect weekend! Silver Dollar City sounds like a blast. I am loving that picture of them hugging the dalmation and fireman. So sweet!! And that last picture is a total framer!

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