Dance Recitals And Plays, Oh My!

Well it has been a crazy busy last few weeks for Miss Abigail! It seems like usually things slow down as the school year wraps up, but not this year!

Abigail had her very first dance recital on Sunday, so the weeks leading up to it, her once a week dance practices were bumped up to two times a week.

Then, she was cast in her very first play- Charlotte’s Web!- which required 3/4 nights a week of practices!

Needless to say, things have been a little bit crazy as we hurry down dinner and run from place to place. (Our very first foray into things like this as parents!)

But, before I get to dance recital photos, I thought I’d share some Charlotte’s Web pictures first!

They have done 4 shows so far, and have 4 more to go. They’ve done an amazing job and Abigail’s role(along with the two other baby spiders) totally make the entire play.

Jim auditioned and got the role of John Arable, because he thought it would be a fun thing for him and Abigail to do together. And it has! They go to practices together, grab ice cream on the way home, talk about lines and acting, and just have a general, all around good time together.

My parents came to town to see her play and recital, so I had the chance to see the play 3 out of 4 nights last week! It was so much fun watching Abigail up on stage. She never gets remotely nervous(I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know what it means to feel nervous?) and delivers her lines so boldly and confidently. It’s kind of the greatest!

In lieu of flowers, we’ve been taking her out for ice cream after every show instead. I think that’s been a pretty big hit! Though, some of her friends and grandparents have showered her with flowers so that she has a gorgeous vase full right next to her bed for the time being 🙂

Which brings us to Sunday, which was basically the busiest day ever!

We had church in the morning, her play in the afternoon, and then her dance recital that night. But we made it!

Abigail started dance at a new studio back in January. It’s laid back and small, it is all operated out of the dance teacher’s house, and we love it. We love how it’s simple and low key, she treats the girls like little girls, and they learn SO much from her!

For this recital, Abigail learned one tap and one ballet routine to perform. Once again, not nervous at all 😉

Mabel loved the entire recital and was captivated during the dances! She loves going to dance class and I have no doubts will be following in big sister’s footsteps in a few years.

(Yes, Mabel is barefoot. I don’t even know)

We celebrated with cupcakes, punch, and flowers before heading back home to get girls bathed and ready for an early bedtime!

But not before some silly family pictures, of course!

We have four more shows to get through and then we’re going to celebrate with a trip to Silver Dollar City! After that, our summer schedule can finally get back to a normal, empty calendar. Hooray!

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  1. So sweet! All this Charlotte’s Web talk makes me want to read it again 🙂 I adore that book and have seen the play version a few times. No doubt Abigail is the cutest little spider.

  2. I love that Jim is doing the play with abigail. Talk about creating special memories and having some good parent bonding! But 8 performances, wow, that’s no small feat!

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