Baby Spena Week 25

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Part of me fully expects time to crawl by towards the end, but if things keep on the way they’ve been going, that won’t be the case! It is seriously going SO fast!

He’s still keeping up his late night dance parties, still has no middle name, and boy are we all getting so excited to meet him!

On to this weeks stats!

Symptoms: Other than feeling huge? I keep getting twinges of leg cramps that make me go, “oh yeah, those monstrous things…” so those should be surprising me in the middle of the night any day now! Lots of trips to the bathroom, so so tired, dried out skin and the craziest new growth hair color. I talked about it on my IG stories the other day, it’s like….the strangest, ashiest, weirdest color right now. Hormones? I guess?

Body Image: People have been so, SO sweet to me and say the nicest things, but I’m honestly having a really hard time feeling comfortable in my skin right now. I LOVE my belly and I LOVE my view from my perspective, but then I see photos of myself(or the full length mirror…shudder) and I suddenly lose that perspective.

I’ve started taking evening walks every night(for the last two weeks or so!) and that makes me feel really good, so I’m really hoping to keep those up and I’m really hoping that continuing to do that will help me feel more confident and better about myself as well.

Cravings: Hmm, I’ve never been a crazy pregnancy craving type gal, but coke still sounds good, as does cheeseburgers…but I haven’t really had anything that I just HAD to have yet. But the day is still young :p

Size Of Baby: Rutabaga! 13 inches long and 1.5 lbs!

Movement: Oh my goodness, tons! Sometimes I feel like he has been moving all day long. He for sure always moves in the afternoons, around dinner time, and always, always, always parties hard between 11pm-12am.

Sleep: Pretty good! Still rocking the snoogle, and sometimes I sleep hard enough to wake up in the same position I feel asleep in. Though then I have to be sure to get to the bathroom asap, lol.

Clothing: Wearing this dress, this tee, and these shorts on repeat repeat repeat (unless I’m wearing Jim’s old t-shirts and basketball shorts….which is pretty much all the time at home)

Gender: A baby boy!

Purchases: Jim and I ran into Sam’s Club on Sunday for tissues and water(I know, I know. I could barely contain my excitement over it either) and I looked at their clothes for the first time ever….and walked out with three new baby boy outfits! They had some Carter’s sets for $7 and they had a few that I just couldn’t resist!

Looking Forward To: Finishing up Jim and Abigail’s play this week so that our schedule can go back to “normal” and my next Dr’s appointment!

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  1. Love that flowy white dress on you! So perfect for summer time. And that bump is as precious as can be. Can’t wait to hear the middle name you decide on!

  2. Up your water intake! I swear thats my “secret” to avoiding leg cramps and also dont point your toes when sleeping, it triggers cramps too (keep foot vertical vs horizontal if you can remember that in the middle of the nite lol)

  3. Girl. You are crazy. You look FABULOUS!! When I was preggo with Marcus I’m pretty sure I ate an entire whale by 18 weeks, and my butt was all the proof.

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