15 Months Of Finn

A week + some days late but still calling it a Mom win because I actually remembered + took him to the pediatrician on time for his 15 month well check so now I have updated stats AND we’re just going to go with it.

Every day is something new with little Finn. A new word? A new sign? Another tooth? A new food you’re obsessed with + another one you flat out refuse? cool. You just never know. Changes every day!

Finn’s 15 Month Stats!

Size:  31.5 inches (61%) and 22 lb 13 oz (50%) so a perfectly average little dude! They had to measure him twice at the pediatrician though because the first measurement said he hadn’t grown at all and had dropped to like, the 25% or something. So they really straightened him out and measured again and what do ya know, he’d actually grown an inch and a half 😉

Still wearing 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 6 diapers!

Eating: All the things some days. None of the things others. He loves berries, bananas, peanut butter and grilled cheese sandwiches, pancakes and sausage, chili, tacos, and spaghetti. Puffs and goldfish are big hits always and he has taken to occasionally drinking milk along with his sippy cup of water!

Sleep: Bedtime is still hanging around 630/645. Then he wakes up around 7am. God bless that little boy + oils.

He takes two naps a day still, each around an hour and a half or so. I approve. I don’t get a thing done when he’s awake, so thank goodness that sleep is still happening!

Breastfeeding: We just weaned right after he hit 15 months. He was totally and completely ready and I totally and completely wasn’t. Of course, I wanted it to be led and directed by him, and it was. But I’m still super sad about it.

Jim put him to bed a few times and he happily went to sleep with some snuggles and no Mommy.

He nursed a time or two after that- randomly, in the middle of the day (like, commanded me to get in our chair and nursed a little) and I was so thankful for that because he just stopped so abruptly, I didn’t really know it was happening. So I was really glad to have a couple extra times to say to myself, okay, this is the end. (even though it really wasn’t like magical or overly sentimental because the sisters were loud and crazy and distracting and all around and all of that. but still)

Loves: His pacifiers. His sisters. Sitting in his high chair and eating food. Going outside (new obsession). Playing catch. Bath time. His crib.

Hates: Not being able to go outside. Being told no. Having his diaper changed.

Milestones: Tantrumsssss. Screaming. Hitting. (the really fun toddler stuff!)

Blowing kisses! Hitting his hand on his head when someone says “oh, dear!” So big. Crawling, cruising, standing unassisted (but still no walking!). Waving hello and goodbye on command.

Adding lots of sounds to his vocabulary along with words like: Mama. Dada. Woof. Yeah.

He is also doing lots of copying! You make a face, he makes the same one. You do one motion, he’ll do the same. The cutest!

Comparison Pictures:

A really big month with a lot of really big milestones! I can’t wait to see what month 16 brings us. Likely, walking….and running! Along with all sorts of other new words, milestones, and fun from Mr. Finn.

We love you so much, little boy!

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