Baby Boy Clothing Favorites: H&M

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I shared this picture on my Instagram account recently and the subject of baby boy clothing was the topic at hand. The general consensus seems to be that, yep- their sections are smaller, cute stuff can be hard to come by, but once you find it HOLY COW IT’S SO ADORABLE YOU CAN’T EVEN.

Everyone listed their favorite places to shop for little guys and so I was going to compile a post with some of my favorite finds from all of them- but then…..I stumbled upon H&M.

Y’all. I hit the mother load. This stuff is GOOD. Like, SO good.

So, sometime soon I’ll share some of the other stores and places to find adorable baby boy things, but today is all about H&M!

We just (I mean JUST) got an H&M in our mall, so I am absolutely thrilled to have the option to shop in store OR online AND know that I can make quick and easy returns if I need to!

When it comes to dressing a little boy, my style is simple. basic. I like boyish colors with basic patterns(think plaid or stripe), no words/sayings, and that’s pretty much it. I couldn’t believe all of the adorable options I found, so I’m just going to put them into different categories so that maybe you can find something you love too!

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Pajamas / Bow Tie Shirt / Green Sweater / Striped Sweater / Gray Joggers / Blue Chinos / Tank Onesies / Tennis Shoes / Hats / Blue Tennis Shoes



One Pieces:



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  1. I had no idea H & M had little boys clothes so thanks for the info!! That first picture is so cute, love that outfit!

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