Life With Three

I haven’t shared much about how life with three has been since the very, very beginning so I figured it was time for a life update in regards to these three cuties 🙂 

I would say, with each new baby, it takes me at least 4/5 months to start to feel normal and like myself again. While, some could argue that I’ve been normal and myself, it’s almost like a light switch turns on inside of me- or, I remember after Abigail, feeling almost like I had resurfaced from under water.

I wasn’t drowning or in the dark, just very, very laser focused on one aspect of my life- new baby. And at some point around 4 or 5 months later, I’m suddenly able to take that laser focus off and spread it around to a few other things. And it’s like, wow! Life is still happening! And I feel like I’m at a place where I can actually participate in more of it!

January was a slow, very, very, slow month. We basically just stayed at home and avoided the cold and avoided sick people. A lot of times, our only excursion into public was going to church on Sunday morning.

We’ve spent a lot of time in our pajamas, a lot of time playing, a lot of time on the couch watching shows and movies together, and a lot of time plugging along with homeschool.

I still can’t bring myself to leave the house for superfluous outings because of the whole getting everyone out of the house and into the car and out of the car and into the store and out of the store and into the car and out of the car and back into the house. It seriously can drive me to want to rock in a corner in the fetal position.

But! For the actual outings, church, dance class, CC, I am FINALLY getting closer to being regularly on time again. Finn has become much more predictable and therefore, I have been able to become more predictable too. And that makes me happy!

My days are so, so full. I’m homeschooling Abigail, recently potty trained Mabel, and am still exclusively nursing Finn. Between nap schedules and school schedules and snacks and laundry and taking care of the house….it’s just a jam packed full day.

Actually, earlier today, Jim popped by during lunch time. And he saw me, unloading the dishwasher, feeding the girls lunch, wiping spit up off of Finn, cleaning up lunch, attending to an argument, answering questions, listening to stories, taking a toddler to the bathroom…and on and on in like- a 15 minute window. I was standing at the sink and was sing songing, “I’m doing a million things at once and am not doing any of them particularly wellllll” and he laughed and was like, “I was just about to say, WOW there is a lot going on right now” and I was like, “uh, welcome to my every day?”

Basically, three kids is a lot(a lot) of work. Someone always needs something(from me) and someone is always making noise. It can feel overwhelming at times because I’m constantly being pulled in so many directions, but, all in all- I feel like I’m starting to figure out my new normal and am feeling pretty good about three kid life.

Just last weekend, I was able to do some household things that I hadn’t done for an entire year and just the act of that put some pep back into my step like, hey! I’m finding my groove again!

And you know that groove involves trips to Target. Which, much to the chagrin of my husband and our monthly budget, are finally starting to happen again.

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  1. oh my gosh, i sooo know what you mean when you say you start to “feel like yourself” again. tiny baby life is serious!!! and then suddenly you get to a point where you are somehow okay to be *you* again for like 60 seconds or so and it’s like ahhhhh! oxygen! you guys look like you’re doing so well!!! mr finn is soooo stinking cute!!

  2. Your crew is the sweetest!! Glad things are going well, but I know managing and organizing your days is a ton of work. I laughed when you talked about the effort it takes to get everyone out of the house for errands. So. Much. Work. It feels like a good workout some days. Your big girls are seeming so big all of the sudden and Mr. Finn is so so handsome.

  3. Amen to someone always needing something and someone always making noise!!! Glad you’re finding your groove again!

  4. The noise is no joke! So much noise. And I feel ya on days being packed. If we are out of the house lots, nothing gets done. And even on the days I stay home, the chores plus general rearing is endless.

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