Mabel’s Third Birthday

Our Mabel girl is officially three years old and we had the BEST time celebrating our girl last week! From her official day (the 16th) to her family party on the weekend, it was all so very Mabely and special for her!

On the day of her birthday, she kicked things off RIGHT. By sleeping in 😉

Photographic evidence of the ridiculous amount of babies that she sleeps with!

Because she slept in, Jim didn’t get to stay around to see her in the morning, but he had surprised her with a special pink donut just for her! (which is so cute, because that is the exact same favorite breakfast Abigail had for her 3rd birthday too)!

Immediately after breakfast, Mabel dove right in to some of the presents that were waiting for her. A microphone, craft supplies, stuffed animals and more.

Then we got ready for the day and drove to Springfield for lunch(her choice. McOldonalds- of course) and a visit to Itty Bitty City!

We finished her day with a KFC dinner at home and My Little Pony on the couch. Pretty great!

Then it was party day! We opted to do a family only party this year, since we’d just been on our big trip(Disney included!) we thought going small and simple this year was the way to go. And it was perfect. Both sets of grandparents and three sets of great grandparents made for a fun and special party for the Mabes!

But first, cake.

Allow me to indulge myself(no pun intended) on these photos of Mabel’s pink cake. All I told Frosted was that I wanted it to be “over the top pink” and they absolutely came through! SO, so good.

SO anyway- we did a big nacho bar for our chips + queso loving girl and it was SO delicious. There was hardly any food left!

Then she got to the good stuff- presents!

…..and the bags that said gifts came in.

Then it was time for cake and ice cream!

We had the best time celebrating our Mabel girl all week long! Now if I could just get in the habit of calling her a three year old instead of a two year…… 🙂

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  1. So adorable. I love her babies. I did that as a kid too…. just incase there were spiders, maybe they would get them first. My lil sis and I shared a room for ages so our beds had to be against the walls, there was no other way 2 fit. As an adult I cannot have my bed touch the wall. Lol.

  2. SO SWEET! Her huge smile in all of the pictures is just precious. That cake is amazing. Can’t believe how grown up she’s looking. I’m guessing she’s been putting on lots of concerts with that snazzy new microphone.

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