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Donut Birthday Party For Abigail’s 4th!

Even though Miss Abigail’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow (at 7:40 am, if you would like to know) we celebrated her turning four this past Saturday with a fun and easy donut birthday party!
We hosted it from 10am-noon, had the same bounce house as last year, and provided all sorts of fun brunch foods.

Donut Birthday Party Details

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This donut birthday party would never, ever have happened or been near as lovely and well put together as it was if it hadn’t been for my amazing husband, mother, and Mimi. Seriously, if it had been up to me alone there would have only been a bounce house and some donuts(the only two plans I called in advance and made). I envision something like, people drinking water out of the fridge and not having anywhere to sit and no other food or decorations. Really. They did so much.
My mom put together this amazing donut hole cake. I really wanted Abigail to have something to blow out(which I suppose in hindsight, could have just been a donut) but this turned out so amazing and awesome that I’m really glad she went ahead and did my crazy idea for me 🙂

The rest of the food was enormous amounts of fruit, egg casserole(that seriously about killed me. For real. The smell), bacon, and sausage links.

Which, funny story, as most of you remember, my sweet husband has taken to brewing all of his coffee out in the garage so that I can’t smell it(which he also did for this party). So, he also took a griddle out there and cooked the bacon and sausage links in our garage as well because I just can’t even remotely handle the smell of cooking meat. Not even a little.

The drink station had to go coffee cups and multiple kinds of creamer, orange juice, chocolate milk, and ice water. It was super cute but, alas, no pictures.The birthday party girl excitedly watching her princess castle being set up in the backyard.Remember this bad boy from her purple party last year? It worked perfectly this year too. They’re right here in town so they deliver and set it up for us for free, which is awesome. We use it for a few hours and then they come back and take it down. Perfect!

I love all those pairs of shoes around the outside. There were a bunch of kiddos in there!

It was about 35 degrees outside when the party started, so the dads supervised while the kids bounced and the moms watched from inside the warm house 😉Kids opening presents at a party is always such a group project, isn’t it? 🙂 Love it.Just like last year, she sang happy birthday to herself and every time someone told her “Happy birthday!” she would reply, “Happy birthday!”She also made my mama heart beam with pride when she took the time to give each person who gave her a gift a hug and thank you after every single present she opened. She also gave out lots of hugs and kisses to her friends to thank them for coming to her party(while wishing them happy birthday, of course) and telling them bye.I was mostly a giant fail this year when it came to party pictures. I spent most of my time trying not to lose it thanks to the egg casserole- but I did manage to snap a few. Abigail and my Dad- her Pappy.With my Mimi, Abigail’s Great GrandmaAnd Grandma Jenny & Grandpa Monty, Jim’s parents.Months ago I had mentioned in a blog post that I was thinking about throwing a donut party for Abigail and a friend messaged me with a link to my sweater at Target.com. She was like you have to have this if you throw your party! Of course, I was sold and it was the first thing I bought for her party(and one of the only things really, HA)

I looked to see if I could find a link for you but it appears the only donut clothes left on Target.com are leggings and underwear. Sorries.Me and my little bro, Cameron 🙂She had an amazing donut birthday party and we’re SO thankful to all of our friends and family who came over and celebrated with us!

We can’t wait to celebrate the big day tomorrow….and probably through the rest of the week 🙂 You only turn 4 once, right?

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  1. Great party!! That cake is once again pretty cool!! We wish miss A the happiest of birthdays!! She has such a sweet and kind heart – great job in nurturing it mama!!

    You man is pretty great! I'm sure that Thomas would be the same if I ever get preggo!!

  2. Such a sweet party!! I love the donut cake and all the yummy treats. It looks like the perfect little girl party. I'll have to keep this in mind for one of Olive's birthday parties down the road. Abigail looked like she had a wonderful time 🙂

  3. Her headband, your shirt, that cake! All of it is perfection. I super love this idea!


  4. I love love love love this theme!!!!! So cute and creative. I mean, who doesn't love donuts? She looks like she had the best time!
    You guys are the absolute cutest in the last picture! I just love it. And looks like you are feeling better (when there are no weird smells coming your way 🙂 )!

  5. this is soooo precious!! happy 4th birthday to abigail!!! she is seriously such a doll. i bet she had a blast. and yummy oh my gosh, i want a donut birthday party!!!

  6. Sorry about all those smells…bum-mer. Such a cute party, and I love the donut shirt. The bounce house is the perfect party activity. I've got brunch party on my list of parties I'd love to do for Aria's bday! Sausage and donuts is a great combo in my book, unless of course the smell tries to kill you.

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