A Very Merry Wedding Weekend

This weekend we made a trip up to Kansas City for the wedding of an old friend. (They’re not old, in fact, they’re quite young. Just, we’ve been friends with them for a long time. Okay, you get it) This is the first wedding we’ve been to this year, so we had to seize the opportunity to look fancy(I wore the same dress I wore to my brother’s wedding last year, holla!) and take a million pictures of all of us together.

It was a lovely ceremony filled with beautiful music and people, a fun reception with breakfast foods, an open bar, cake so light and fluffy it was almost like angel food cake, live music and a DJ, dancing, a photo booth, and this random empty room that I was lucky to find since- turns out my dress wasn’t nursing friendly at all and I had to pull it up to my neck to feed Mabel, haha.

We had a great time. Monty and Jenny took Abigail home for us a little bit early and a good friend watched a sleeping Mabel for a few minutes so Jim and I could get a couple dances in together.

Mabel was wearing the cutest ruffle butt tights when we left the house, but she managed to completely annihilate them on the drive over to the church. So, Target diapers got to be her designer fashion statement of the evening.

I swear she is so much easier to photograph than her big sister. Holy cow.

Jim’s parents, brother Logan, sister Mary Esta(who was a bridesmaid), and us! Jim actually videotaped the wedding and reception- since he’s the movie guy, he gets hired out alllll the time.

But he still found some time to sneak in a few dances with this girl!

She was really, really excited to dance. She also taught him her little routine from dance class. Hilarious and so adorable.

Anyway, it was a great party and we were so happy to get to celebrate with our friends and family!

And while we were up in Kansas City, both girls were able to visit with their Nana and Papa for a little bit which was great! Mabel is still perfectly snuggly and Abigail will talk your ears off, so they make for a super sister team.

We were also able to make it to Jim’s parents church on Sunday morning, which we always love getting to do. Abigail made sure to get in some really sweet Grandpa Monty snuggles while we were there.

Of course, we also fit in lots of playing outside, cards, eating, and visiting. But I didn’t get any pictures of that, so you’ll just have to use your imagination 🙂

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  1. You look so pretty! Glad you were able to find something to wear to the wedding! And that you found an empty room to nurse in – ha! So many dresses are not nursing friendly. That was my biggest hiccup with the wedding we went to the other week. It looks like you all had a fun time, and Mabel looks too cute [even without her tights :]!

  2. what a fun wedding weekend! I love abagails dress! That color is awesome on her! Miss mabel looks stunning in her red and brown too. Even without tights!

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