Walt Disney World

“What are we supposed to do with all these photos of our kids? Yes, there is the benefit of our computers running really slow, clogged with thousands of photos of the same pose….we don’t even weed out the bad ones! “eh, I’ll just get another computer. This will be my Disney trip computer”

-Jim Gaffigan

I think about this quote every single time and it always makes me laugh.

So, here you go, 68 photos of our one day trip to Walt Disney World ๐Ÿ˜‰

But seriously, when Jim’s latest film was accepted to the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando, we knew we wanted to make a trip to be there for it! Which meant we totally needed to make a day trip to Disney happen. It was the best.

Originally, it was just going to be the 5 of us, but once my family heard our plans, they wanted to join in too! So my parents and my Mimi met up with us there and we had the best day together.

We spent our entire day at Magic Kingdom, arriving around 10 or so and staying until fireworks at 9 that night. It was a long and full day, but we got to see and do so many fun things, the kids were amazing, and our entire visit was so enjoyable. That’s the magic of Disney, am I right?

The girls were really hoping to meet Buzz and Woody during our visit(they’re super into the Toy Story series at the moment!) so I made sure to book our first fast pass for the Buzz Lightyear ride(and you get to meet Buzz right there after!)

This ended up being one of the biggest highlights of our day! (and the girls got to ride the Buzz ride again at the end of the day with my parents too!)

No Woody this visit, but they did get to see him and Jessie during a parade, so that was good ๐Ÿ™‚

This was one of the only pictures I managed to snap to show how absolutely adorable Finn’s little shoes were! So I had to include it!

Jim doesn’t do spinning rides, so we rode the tea cups with my Dad instead ๐Ÿ˜‰ The lines were great all day, we never waited more than 20 minutes or so for any ride and got to do so many!

We opted to not meet very many characters and do rides instead this trip, and the girls seemed happy with that choice.

It was a hot one! Over 90 degrees when we were there that day, so Mimi got Finn an adorable Mickey fan and Grammy got the girls one of those insanely overpriced water fans and it helped keep everyone from completely roasting.

They put on this mini show with all of the characters, including Elsa & Anna! and the girls just ate it up. My Mom’s highlight of the day was watching the girls when Elsa started using her magic powers to spray snow everywhere. They were completely enthralled by it.

My Mimi treated the girls to Mickey balloons and her highlight of the day was when Mabel chose a red one- my Pa’s very favorite color ๐Ÿ™‚

I got hit in the face approximately 10 million times by those balloons the rest of the day, but the girls were so happy- I guess it was worth it :p

The absolute highlight of my day was meeting TALKING Mickey! Seriously, Jim and I are still talking about it. It is always so exciting to get to meet your favorite characters, but (at least for me!) you always wish that they could actually talk to you. This Mickey did just that. It was unreal.

The girls were in so much shock and awe that they weren’t quite sure how to even function- it was hilarious.

Absolutely the coolest Disney thing ever!

My one and only regret of the day was the 3pm parade. When we went to Disneyland, the afternoon parade was the absolute highlight of my visit! It was rained out when we were at Disney World two years ago, so I was really looking forward to it! Unfortunately, it was SO HOT and the sun was just beating down on us- and the parade started late….by the time it was over, we were all over heated and it wasn’t as wonderful a memory as I had stored up from our Disneyland trip. Oh well!

After the parade, we rode Small World for some air conditioned respite.

After that, Jim and my Mimi left for the screening of his film for a few hours(they made it back just in time for the 9 pm fireworks!) and we rode a ton of rides!

We did the Speedway(which was hilarious) and when I turned around to check on my Dad and Mabel, this was my view:

I was absolutely cracking up!

The best quote of the day was when Abigail and I were riding the Astro Orbiter. She had us all the way up and it kind of tilts to the side- I was admittedly nervous about the seat belt + height + leaning situation and told her that she could lower us down a little bit. To which she replied, “Mom, it’s fine. You have a seat belt on.” and continued to laugh maniacally and keep us up at full height, lol.

Jim was very proud. As I expected.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney without a massive lollipop purchase.

I think the runner up for my favorite memory of the day was the Happily Ever After fireworks show. It was SO cool. Plus, it was great to have Jim back to watch them with us ๐Ÿ™‚

Someday it would be amazing to stay on site and spend an entire week visiting all of the parks, but, for now, one fun filled day is absolutely perfect!

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  1. Major props for the whole family being color coordinated (you and your dad were total twinsies, did you notice?) Im with you a week or two on site would be AMAZING but maybe I should be happy for a single visit- Ive never been to Disney World!

  2. PS- it may be hormones but it definitely got me emotional over Mabelโ€™s red balloon choice.

  3. Such a sweet, joyful and happy family!! I wish that I could have been there with your family-I would have held cute little Finn all day (all of your children are adorable, but Finn is the smallest)!!!

  4. SO FUN!! I love that you just spent one day there and had an amazing time! I’m always overwhelmed with the idea of taking little kids to Disney for a week so your day trip sounds great. I loved every picture – such sweet smiles, such joy and so much fun!! Love all the outfits, all the fun memories made and I bet talking to Mickey would be so much fun. Please tell Mr Finn to slow down this growing up business. He’s looking so handsome and so much older all the sudden.

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