Pumpkin Pickin….Sorta

Happy fall, y’all! The weather has finally turned, the leaves are changing, and we finally got some pumpkins out on our front porch!

We had hoped to make it to a pumpkin patch this year, but our local patch didn’t open this season. Which was such a bummer! That being said, I did not (nor do I ever, let’s be honest) have the desire to drive three kids over an hour to a patch to play and buy overpriced pumpkins. SO, we went to our local greenhouse and coffee shop instead. Which ended up working out great!

It was a beautiful day and we brought Jim’s parents along with us, so it was a perfect Saturday morning outing together.

These pictures are NOT from pumpkin shopping. They’re from our last Third Thursday for the year. But, they’re from fall and they’re cute sooo, into this post they go!

She decorated that tree all by herself. Cookie decorating prodigy.

Anyway, back to the greenhouse!

The girls picked out purple mums…

We got a family photo….

The kids had fun…

And then we had Five Guys for lunch!

Hey There Pumpkin / Plaid Doormat

Once we got our pumpkins home, it only took us a few days to finally plant the mums 😉 😉 , and then for me to bring out my new fall doormats! Yay!

As much as I wished to have a house decked to the fallest (see what I did there?) I just do not have the capacity for any additional decor other than Christmas. So, here is the extent of our fall home decor. But, that’s okay. Because that porch is pretty dang cute.

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