Ditch Your Candles!

Hey friends! It has been a minute since I’ve shared something oily with y’all! Today’s post is going to be all about ditching your candles!

This year alone, I’ve been to Salt Lake City twice (which I still need to blog about!) once, for convention in July and again, in September, for Silver Retreat! I’ve watched my team triple in size since this time last year, and have steadily grown in knowledge, passion, and leadership for cleaner living, healthier homes, and watching women take control of their products, gifts, dreams, and share them with others.

SO anyway, because of this passion (coupled with my love of hosting events in my home), I have taken to having events nearly monthly to invite others in for a night of fun, relaxation, and some oils sprinkled in (or on!)

Some of the events I have hosted so far this year:

Spring Cleaning & Going Green

A Perfume Make & Take

Dr. Mom First Aid Kit

Movie Night! (we watched the documentary Stink! watch it if you haven’t already!)

Wine & Wellness

Cooking & Oils!

Which brings us to last week’s ditch the candles event!

The ENTIRE reason I started with Young Living (back in January of 2018) in the first place was to stop burning candles and to begin diffusing instead.

(Don’t believe me that candles are bad? Check out this post, this post, this post, or this post to start)

So, as you can tell, I’m pretty big on diffusing AND diffuser blends are kind of my favorite thing in the world!

They make your home smell SO good (priority #1 for this chick), no open flame (major win with toddlers in the house), no smoke, no carcinogens, no endocrine disruptors, they’re totally customizeable, and surprise! cheaper than candles too.

Don’t believe me? Check out my ditch your candles cost breakdown below!

The ladies were each able to make 3 different diffuser blends to take home and try and I also made sure to have extra diffusers on hand for those who don’t have oils yet to take home with them to borrow!

If you haven’t made the ditch & switch yet, it’s time! If you aren’t using oils yet, honestly, you’re just making life way harder on yourself than you need to!

Want to learn more? Check out this post and this post that I wrote a while back explaining why Young Living and how to get started!

And if you’re local, make sure that we are friends on facebook so you can be in the loop for upcoming events! I will be planning a fun Holiday themed get together soon!

Not local (but also if you’re local too )? Feel free to join my FB Community A + Essentials! We host weekly giveaways and classes, as well as product education and a safe space to ask questions and learn more! Check it out!

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