Essential Oils For Wellness: How To Make A Wellness Roller

essential oils for wellness

Tis’ the season for thinking about all of the ways to keep our families, happy, healthy, and well! Essential oils for wellness are an amazing option to add to your daily routine to help support yourself and your family. They’re easy to use, smell amazing, and really do make a difference in how you feel.

Using essential oils for wellness is a lot easier than you might think- a few of my favorite ways to use them with my family are:

Topically: with wellness rollers on our skin

Aromatically: in the diffuser, to breathe in our air

Internally: with supplements and daily Ningxia to support ourselves from the inside out!

wellness rollers with essential oils


We love making this recipe in a 10 ml roller:

10 drops each:
+ Thieves
+ R.C.
+ Frankincense
+ Lemon
+ Pine
+ Oregano (power house!!!)

Top with your favorite carrier oil. We love Young Living’s V6, jojoba, or fractionated coconut oil!
We roll it on the spine and bottoms of feet daily and at the first sign of any sickness.

If you need help finding carrier oils, roller bottles, or other essential oil accessories- check out this post with my favorites!

+ One drop of thieves vitality in hot tea to soothe throats

+ Thieves hand purifier in the car to use regularly when out & about

+ Sleep, sleep & more sleep! If sleep is hard to come by at your house, click here for some amazing tips for a restful sleep.

+ Wash hands! The thieves foaming hand soap is great for this time of year!

essential oils for wellness

Don’t have oils yet? You’re momming too hard- click here to get started!

You can also read this post about how and why we started using oils in our house!

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