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We absolutely love diffusing oils in our home! But did you know that there are actually three major ways to use essential oils?
The three primary ways are:
Topically (on you skin)
Internally (in water, capsules, supplements, etc)
Aromatically (breathing it in)
Some choose to use only one way while others choose to use all three. It’s totally up to you!
We often choose the method of diffusing oils (or inhaling) because it is extremely effective for:
– Emotions
– Mental Support
– Respiratory Support
– Rest & Relaxation
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If you want the short, quick version:

Diffusing oils has the potential to make us happier, healthier, and more focused.   It sends messages to our brain helping us to rest, reset, and recharge. It is an inexpensive and effective way to get a lot of oils on a room full of people. Plus, you can play with combinations to find the ones you love and that are the most beneficial to you!  

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If you want the long, detailed version:  

Diffused oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors, rather than just masking them. They also increase oxygen availability, produce negative ions, and release natural ozone.  

A cold-air diffuser is designed to atomize a micro-fine mist of essential oils into the air, where they can remain suspended for several hours. Unlike aroma lamps or candles, a diffuser disperses essential oils without heating or burning, which can render the oil therapeutically less beneficial and even create toxic compounds.  

Research also shows that cold-air diffusing certain oils may:

– Reduce bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors

– Relax the body, relieve tension, and clear the mind

– Help with weight management

– Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity

– Stimulate neurotransmitters

– Stimulate secretion of endorphins

– Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity

– Improve the secretion of IgA antibodies that fight candida

– Improve digestive function

– Improve hormonal balance

– Relieve head discomfort

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Q: How long should I diffuse at one time?

A: While I’ve seen differing recommendations and times, I have never found any research to back those. Most of us run a diffuser until it shuts off.

Q: I diffused and got a headache. Is it hurting me? Should I stop?

A: Whether or not you continue is completely up to you. We certainly can’t tell you what is happening since your health is the result of many factors all coming together and we don’t have all the pieces. It is highly likely that the smells triggered emotional responses and/or began to detox your body. The most common detox symptom is a headache. It is a great time to drink lots of water and start looking for some great ways to add extra punch to your antioxidant efforts. Ningxia is perfect for this!  

Q: I really don’t like the smell of a certain oil even though I know I need it.

A: You can totally decide how to move forward with this. You can discontinue use of that oil and use others more pleasant to you. Many times this is the result of an emotional response. The body throws a fit because the oil is triggering a release of emotions and you are not ready for change. This causes the oil to stink. This will change again and again as you are going through different experiences both physically and emotionally. Some choose to use the oil on their feet until it becomes more pleasant to help their bodies work through the needed changes. It may become a favorite! Up to you!

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Now that you know some of the reasons WHY diffusing can be so beneficial, here are a few of our favorite blends to use around the house!

Feel free to pin these graphics with diffuser blend ideas to save for later!

Don’t have oils yet? You’re momming too hard- click here to get started!

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