The Log Cabin Kitchen

We’re finally getting to some progress and reveal pictures today! Yay!

In case you missed it, here is the story so far:

Leaving Joplin

The Kansas City House

Finding The Cabin

Now we can talk about fixing her up!

As you can see from these pictures….(and be thankful it isn’t smell-o-vision…) this house required so. much. work.

But, as I said previously, it was the right location + land (over 5 acres!) + the right price. We knew that we could do the work- (have you seen my flip house reveal post yet??) – and we knew that we have creativity, vision, perseverance….and probably just a *touch* of insanity to make this all work out.

I’ll be honest, decorating and updating an ACTUAL log cabin- one that is our day in, day out, every day home- NOT a vacation home, not a second home, not a rental property….our full time home, has been a really big challenge.

The brown and wood that is everywhere ( I know…it’s a log cabin. I’M FULLY AWARE) can be so dark and such a challenge to work with.

That being said, as soon as I saw the kitchen, I had a vision of what I wanted to do with it nearly immediately.

It still isn’t 100% finished, but it is at a place that we can move to other projects for a while and someday come back to finish up the final things like:

Back-splash tile

Additional electrical work

Paint the ceiling?

Complete trim/caulk nail holes/sand & paint

Add/Replace windows

As far as the things that we changed in this room….well, that would be just about everything.

Right before we closed, the previous owner dropped a pan on the stove top and broke it. She was so apologetic and wanted to repair it and we were just like….honestly, don’t worry about it LOL

We removed the peninsula and brought in our Ikea island from the previous two houses

New appliances

New lighting

New sink + disposal

New flooring

New cabinets + hardware

New pantry shelving

Removed tile/new drywall

Built & installed open shelving

One of Jim’s favorite parts of this entire project was taking a chainsaw straight to this portion of the house to remove the peninsula area in the kitchen. Just straight down the side.

This is what the kitchen looked like when we moved in-

Right before Christmas.

With three small children.

And me, in my first trimester with Lochlan.

I think I blacked out during this period of my life.

I took this picture after midnight one night because I just knew I would want to remember what it looked like, and how hard Jim was working. And look at him, still with a smile on his face. He’s a champion.

We also removed the boob lights LOL


Around March 2021, we finally wrapped up most of this project- the shelves were installed, the hardware attached, the light I’d been waiting for came back in stock and was hung.

Scroll on down for some before and after’s (I LIVE for a before & after) and a few final (for now) reveal pics! Let me know what you think!

Green Kitchen Cabinets
Green Kitchen Cabinets

Next I’ll have to tell y’all all about those eggs + our chickens (yeah, chickens!!!!) but that’s a blog post for another day!

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  1. I think it’s beautiful….and at the risk of sounding a little cheesy, I can feel the love of family in your cozy cabin. Thank you for sharing your honest feelings, it feels like I am reading a letter from a friend. I love seeing your family bond and enjoy the cabin house. 🙂

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