Entry Way Progress

When it comes to decorating our home, there have been some areas of the house that have just spoken to me right from the start and came together right away. The living room and kitchen being two of those. This entry way is not one of those areas.

It has slowly been evolving the longer we live here, with light fixture changes, wall art moving around, and bringing in some different furniture.



This was our first light fixture replacement and it was a no-go. For multiple reasons, it just didn’t work for me in the entry way.

So, a few months later we changed it out to this Shades Of Light fixture.


And even then, I wasn’t sure that I liked this light fixture either! I was having such a hard time feeling like the light fit the space.

But turns out? The biggest problem was seeing past the green painted wallpaper.

Entry Progress

While I was in Phoenix, Jim pulled down all of the green and painted the space in my beloved Benjamin Moore White Dove paint.

It’s funny because we had such a horrific time getting Abigail’s bedroom finished. The wallpaper removal was a beast and so time consuming. But, apparently, in the entry way(and going up the stairs and in the upstairs hallway) it just came off in sheets. He said he barely had to pull and that one sheet would be connected to another sheet and it all just came right up easily.

Also, my initial plan had been to have him paint the walls Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter(which is a greige) but when he sent me the pictures of the space primed I instantly knew that I wanted to leave them white.

We had a silly debate back and forth over greige or white that ended with me sending him this gif:


While loudly proclaiming “I want it whiteeeee!” Naturally.

And so he replied with this:


And said,”you the boss!” (10 million bonus Disney points to you if you get that reference)

So anyway, the space was painted white and finished. And then this happened.


There was a leak coming from our upstairs bathroom and the plumber had to cut into the ceiling of our living room and all the way across the ceiling of the entry way.

BUT! There is a major silver lining in this for Courtney.

BECAUSE, Jim didn’t take down the painted wallpaper ceiling(yes, that existed) and so while the ceiling was torn up, he went ahead and pulled down the crackly wallpaper that was up there too.

And he described it as being like a tapestry, lol. Apparently it was some thick and luxurious wallpaper they had up there(which makes so me look forward to working on our dining room ceiling someday)

He got the ceiling patched and painted over the day before the girls and I got back, and so now we’re left with this:

White Entry

I just love it. Love love love it. I can’t get over how bright and clean it makes everything look(which trust me when I say, it ain’t clean)

I’m still kind of trying what to decide about the wall over the pew. I tried out a gallery wall there but didn’t like it. It felt too busy to me. So, I’m currently kind of loving the blank space, but I think one big piece of art or something could be good there. I’m also considering painting the door? And I am also going to bring our magnolia wreath from the outside IN and find a new wreath for the other side of the front door.

AND I’m also looking for something to put where that chalkboard is. I love the shape and size of the chalkboard, but I think I’m ready to have something else there now. Also, yes, it still has the same image on it from JUNE when I hosted a Pinterest party here. Yep.

So that’s where we’re at in our entry way! Definitely an improvement over the green- which I didn’t realize how dark it was until it was gone. Because, hello bright!


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  1. I love the look of white but the cleaning of white worries me. I’m so OCD about keeping things tidy that I think I’d be cleaning all the time with all that white. But your space looks perfect in it’s white glory.

  2. Love all the white!! Light fixtures are so tricky! You think you know what you want and then you question it once it’s in the new spot. I’m currently pondering a few new light fixtures and no ready to pull the trigger yet 🙂 Love the idea of a statement piece of art or bible verse hanging above the pew in the entry

  3. Love it! So pretty. Definitely paint the door and maybe one big art piece above the pew? Or 4 medium size ones so it’s just a little less busy. Your house is just so fun!

  4. In my tiny, looooong house, I put a mirror up to reflect more light back into the house.
    When I started to paint my house, I realized (when only the hallway was left) that they sold me then wrong finish and its all sorts of baddddd. Plus Ive been comtemplating boring (to me) white because it looks so beauiful in everyones home

  5. yes yes yes yes yesssssss, courtney, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation!!!! i am in the same boat… some things have just come together so naturally, and some i keep working at and getting nowhere. so i relate! and oooh, that white, man! it is just perfect!!!

  6. It makes your entryway look so much brighter! And it’s funny how you talk going simple. I find myself doing things much more simple this go around, whereas in my last house, I literally had gallery walls everywhere, because, well, I like pictures. Wow, that was the longest sentence ever!

  7. Jim went to WORK while you ladies were away!
    The entry way is AH-MAY-ZING!! Love. Love. Love.
    And maybe, just maybe Abigail’s room was the most challenging wallpaper you’ll have to remove??

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