The House Update You’ve Been Waiting For!

I have a whole lot of everything and nothing to share with you all at the same time today. I’ve divulged some, but simultaneously kept this one a bit close to the chest for the last month or so. I don’t have a particular reason for not saying much about it, mostly just trying to keep myself from getting my hopes up about it too much.
After we backed out on the previous house in April{read about that plus watch funny Tom Hanks gifs HERE} we continued to keep looking.
Our search quota remained the same.
4th bedroom
Our realtor suggested a home that was higher than what we were wanting to spend, but a huge home in our ideal neighborhood that had been on the market for over a year and was bank owned. At the time, she thought it was a foreclosure that we would be able to lowball an offer on it.
Turns out, a super old woman still owns it, but it’s vacant and is in a trust. I have no idea what any of it means, but we had to sit down and decide if this was a house we were willing to settle on.
We stewed on it for well over a month. We talked about it a lot. Thought about it a lot. Prayed about it a lot.
One day, I decided to look it up on and I couldn’t find it. I had this really dramatic and super upset silent inner turmoil about the fact that we had let the house get away.
Then I found it when I changed my search. Whew. I promptly told Jim about my reaction and that I was serious about this house. He agreed.
My parents happened to be in town so we took them to it{always a great reality check!}. They agreed that it would be a ton of work for us but that the bones of the home are great and that there is a ton of potential within it.
Because the house was in a higher bracket than what we had originally been looking at, we couldn’t buy this house and sell our own at our leisure. We would have to offer a contingency offer. Meaning, we can’t buy the new house until our current home sells.
Which led to this:
This is our current home. I love this place. It has served us so well for the last 6 years! Our first home{which before we move I will give you all a tour of!}. But, we have always known we wouldn’t live here forever and chose it for the exact purpose of being able to sell it {relatively} quickly when the time came for us to move on.
We feel that it is that time now.
Which brings us to this:
Our new{hopefully!!} house.
Plus a little kitchen sneak peak!
Cabinets. Jim and I. We’ve got big plans for you little babies.
Anyway. We offered and she countered and we countered and she countered and we countered and she accepted and it took forever because she is a little old lady who doesn’t email and the realtor would have to meet her for lunch to talk over every single offer and finally it’s settled.
So last night we had our inspection. I was pretty nervous about it since this was where everything went super far south with the last place. This home was built in 1927, so it’s not like it’s brand new and without flaws. It definitely has them. But, thankfully, so so thankfully, everything that needs to be done in the house? It’s ALL cosmetic. The only thing that needs to be repaired is the fireplace. Otherwise, it’s nothing that some elbow grease, spackle, and paint can’t handle{and of course, plenty of time and money}

While Jim and the inspector went around the house checking everything out, Abigail and I went to the paint store to grab a bunch of paint swatches from the colors that so many of you recommended to me and then tested them all out in the house.

Abigail chose lots of peacock blue, hot pink, and royal purple. She has big plans for the new place.
I, on the other hand, solely chose white and gray swatches. So exciting.
Then we took selfies and played in the master bedroom closet the rest of the time.
I totally didn’t realize there was a mirror attached to the back of the master bedroom door. Here I come Selfie City!
 We hung out in the master bathroom
 And also in the totally sketchy drapes in the dining room.
Picture equally luxurious drapes in just about every other room of the house. So fancy.
So here is where we are at. Total. Limbo.
If you would, please pray for the perfect buyer at the perfect time to come offer on our home. We want it to sell quickly! We love our house and just know someone else would love living here too. We just need someone else to realize that!
And would you also pray that no one else offers on our future home? We would have first right of refusal, but there is only so high that we could go to compete and we definitely don’t want to lose this new place.
We love it because of where it is located. I texted Jim the other day that it only took me five minutes to get to Target from the new place. Can I get a hallelujah and an amen to that one? We love it because it has room to grow our family in and by golly, we are praying fervently every day that He will bless us with that. We love it because it will help us meet our long term financial goals. Basically, we get to swap mortgages with a bigger house in a better location{for us} and switch to a 15 year instead of a 30 year mortgage instead. Something we have wanted to do for a long time but knew it wouldn’t be worth it in our current home since we don’t have long term plans for it.
Okay, so most importantly
what should the hashtag be for all of our upcoming moving and house pictures?

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  1. LOVE that house! Keeping y'all in my prayers for sure! And my gosh that last sentence had me cracking up! Gotta love a good hashtag!! 😉

  2. Soooooo exciting!!! I grew up in houses built in the 20s/30s. Great bones. Irreplaceable character. Love love love and SO EXCITED FOR Y'ALL!!!! God is good. Praying yall's house sells quickly so you can get going on this amazingly exciting transition! xx

  3. Our house was built in the roaring '20's too! Which means it definitely has "charm" (and lathe and plaster walls). So so excited for you guys and my fingers and toes are crossed that it all goes smoothly from here on out and A will be playing in her peacock room soon 😉

  4. Congrats!! That house is gorgeous, and has so much potential!! We had a similar thing happen to let us know we really wanted our house…another couple (who later ended up buying the house across the street) put an offer in on the house while we were "mulling it over" and we were so disappointed. Lucky for us, that fell through in about 48 hours and we jumped all over it! 🙂

  5. Yay! It has so much potential! I love how big the baseboards are! Can't wait for someone to snatch up your current home…hopefully soon!

  6. Hot dang! That new house is legit! I keep staring at the house wondering if I know where it is. I keep thinking, 5 minutes from Target… hmmm…based on the structure and era it was built in…. hmmmm.

  7. Oh wow!! This is so exciting!!! What a nice house! I really hope that it all works out and that the house is yours soon 🙂 I'll pray for a buyer for your house! We actually want something similar to the one you're selling. We're moving out of a big house for a smaller one 🙂 Too bad you can't up and move that house to Texas!

  8. How exciting!! Your dream home is seriously DREAMY!! I will be praying that everything falls into place perfectly for your family to sell your current home and that your dream home will become a reality. Keep us posted 🙂

  9. You're too cute with all your selfies. I definitely think your reaction to not finding the house listed shows you really like it. I hope it all works out for you guys! That whole process is extremely intimidating to me. I'm not looking forward to starting that whole thing.

  10. Loving that house! I'll be praying with you, I know how frustrating this whole process can be, but it will all be worth it in the end!

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