With A Little Bit Of Love

To quote Jim’s least favorite Frozen soundtrack song{the one he always skips- and let’s be honest- no one really knows all of the words to anyway}

We can fix this fixer upper up, with a little bit of love.

So, in this analogy our new house is Kristoff and uh, we’re the troll rocks.
Meet our new house!

This is something that we have talked about doing for years. And now here we are. Finally doing it! {That is- buying a repo closer to town, fixing it up, turning it into rental property someday….like years from now after we’ve paid it off, and decreasing the $$ of our mortgage}
I’ll be divulging all of the details as we go through this process, but for now this is where we stand:

We offered.
They accepted, no counters.
Inspections are up next{hopefully this week. please no surprises. please no surprises}

Tentative close date of April 10.
Oh yeah and we need to sell our current house. Anybody want to buy it?

Then the process of the remodel will begin. As far as we know, nothing *too* huge.

Things like, blinds, windows, floors, paint, DEEP deep cleaning, patching, and eventually some actual remodeling{bathrooms}. But {we’re hoping!}, all things that make the house able to be lived in while we work on it. Of course, if our house isn’t sold yet, hopefully we can knock out a big chunk of work before we are formally moved in.

So, for now, I’m getting our current house in tip top show ready state, purging the loads of stuff you accumulate over living in a house for 6 years, and planning how best to purge it all. Craigslist? eBay? Garage sale? Donate? So many options!

I’m also turning into a pinning machine. Gray living rooms, dark wood floors, white kitchens? I’m coming after you.
I’ve got lots more info headed your way in the future. Such as, what our reasons for doing this are. How we found this house. What the search was like. What some of our visions and reno plans are for the new place and other fun things like that. Just call us a much smaller and much less cool Young House Love.
Have you ever remodeled anything before? Any tips or advice? some_text

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  1. That's exciting! We just did something similar…bought a house, had some time before we moved in, so we re-stained the floors super dark and painted gray with white trim. I love it! We plan on doing some more remodeling here and there and eventually rent it out. Remodeling is so much fun!

  2. We have been restoring our 1902 house for almost a year now, so I can definitely relate! I'm totally addicted to Pinterest, and I'm ALWAYS browsing for tile, light fixtures, home DIYs, etc. Renovating is a tonnnnnnnn of work, but it is SO worth it! I can't wait to follow along in your journey! Congrats! 🙂

  3. I have been dying to read this post all day it's nearly 4 o'clock my time and I am finally getting around to it. Yours is the first blog I have read today and I am so excited for your new adventure. I'm so excited to see how it all goes and what a wonderful thing you guys are doing. I'm super jealous because I can't wait for the day that we get to move out of our house. And my plan is similar to yours get a house that needs some work and make it our own. White kitchens unite!

  4. Super, crazy, so exciting! Congrats! Tyler and I have also wanted to buy a house and fix it up. Won't happen any time soon. Can't wait to see the process!

  5. congrats on the new house! We've never remodeled but are getting ready to start building a house! I'm going to have to follow you on pinterst for new ideas! 🙂

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