Christmas Home Tour 2017

You can see last year’s Christmas Home Tour HERE 

I mentioned in my Christmas Decor post that we really don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations. It seems like I’m always drawn to little nic nak type items(who isn’t??) but those things don’t really fill up your space like investing in some bigger, fuller decor pieces do- so I’m on the hunt after Christmas to up my decor game a bit. Next year I’ll be ready!

I almost didn’t put this post together, but ultimately I decided that I want to remember how our home looked THIS Christmas. I think it is pretty sweet and simple and it has been so good to us this year.

Here is our home!

One of my best friends made that deer art and it is one of my favorite Christmas decorations!

Christmas music on the piano for Jim to play. Every year we have played a I Heard The Bells and Silent Night medley together as a special music at our church, but this year I’m on maternity leave 😉

We have five stockings now. FIVE!

The girls love our nutcrackers. When Mabel talks about them it sounds like she is saying “butt cracker”

I love decorating with greenery- because it doesn’t have to come down when Christmas is over! I like to leave my garlands and greenery up all winter!

After ten years, our pre-lit tree is still lighting up! We always have that exciting Christmas Vacation moment of plugging in the tree for the first time hoping that it will still light up and each year…it has(mostly)!

This year, we finally sprang for some new (gold) ornaments, a new tree topper(Abigail picked it out!), and a new tree skirt. I say they are a massive improvement!

Abigail’s 3 year old hand print.

Abigail’s favorite ornament- that is hung LOUD and PROUD on the front of our tree.

An engagement photo of two babies- I mean, Jim and myself.

A sweet gift from our realtor- I love this reminder of the time of year we moved into our home!

Jim set up a timer for this garland, so every afternoon around 3:30 it turns on. One of the high lights of my day! (no pun intended, but then I realized it- so I’m leaving it!)

Abigail has had her purple tree for her room for quite some time now(a few years at least!) so this year we got Mabel her very own pink tree to decorate as well(and now that I’m thinking about it….I realized I didn’t take any pictures of Finn’s tree. His is the same as Mabel’s only white, with a burlap tree skirt. You’ll have to use your imagination) and seeing the two of them together, I’m feeling like Abigail’s looks a big Charlie Brownish, if you know what I’m saying.

Maybe next year we’ll need to find her a purple tree that is a little bit….more filled out.

Unintentional selfie.

The cords aren’t great, but when they light up at night it’s totally worth it!

Jim put up lights around the top of our home, plus the garlands, plus around the door, and on our plants in the front. It is beautiful every night around 5!

And that is pretty much it! I love our home so much and I love it at Christmastime even more!

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  1. I love it. I felt the same way about our decor this year but wanted to remember it all so I threw up a post anyways. Your outside decor looks great and I really like the idea of each kid having a mini tree.

  2. I love all the touches in every room.
    I’m dying over “butt-cracker.” And who DOESN’T want a big, glistening cheeseburger front and center of the Christmas tree?! LOL!

  3. On a completely unchristmas related note, you style your book shelves so beautifully! And I love your tree skirt. Is the pillow on your love seat from target as well? The white with the black details is just so fun.

  4. Your home is fabulous and warm/welcoming. Tanks fr sharing it. I love how you placed each peice in it perfect space. Here’s hoping you and your family ave a Happy New Year. I am so excited to be taking the 2018 journey with you and what you do next.

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