This Christmas

We moved into our home on November 29th, 2015, so this is our 3rd Christmas season to get to celebrate here. It has been so special working with Jim to make our own family Christmas traditions, and helping our children to have such a magical and amazing holiday.

We leave for family Christmases soon, so we opted to have our very own family Christmas on Tuesday night to give the girls some time to play with their new things before having to leave them behind for a bit.

After dinner, we turned up the Christmas music, read some from our advent book, and then got to opening gifts! (In the kids matching jammies, of course. Nothing makes me happier than some sibling matching!)

It was just such a sweet scene. We loved giving the girls gifts that we knew they would love and they loved giving us the gifts that they had put together for us and for each other. It was precious.

We didn’t rush through it and everyone took turns. We had so much fun!

It was so special that I thought I would share some of the pictures here. Being a parent to littles on Christmas is the best!

So far, the biggest hits have been a tool set for Abigail, the solly dolly wraps for both girls, Abigail’s new board games, and Mabel’s new “pack pack”.

Next up is Christmas at Grandma Jenny’s and then on to Phoenix for Christmas(and SANTA!) at Grammy’s house!

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  1. Aww! So cuteeeee. I love the matching PJ’s, been trying to find matching Jammie’s for my hubby, son (15 yoa) and myself, but always to late. ???? been trying to start a yearly thing around the tree before he is done with high school and on his own. Your family is absolutely adorable. Happy Holiday’s

  2. Matching jammies are the best. And those are C-U-T-E!
    Well played on the ‘Bucks card, Abigail! 😉
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. SOOOO sweet!! Those triple matching pjs are super cute. We always do a little family Christmas at home before traveling to be with our extended families. It’s one of the highlights of Christmas for me. Hope you have a great Christmas break 🙂

  4. So many smiles! Loved little brother hanging out in the pink rock and play. 😉

    Matching jammies are the best! We liked their picture in front of the tree in jammies so much we used it on our Christmas card this year. The 3 year old here was the most excited!

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