The Greatest Show On Earth…Just Kidding

Last week, Jim randomly asked me if I would be interested in taking our girls to the circus that was coming to town for the weekend.

Apparently, his office had some sort of special where kids tickets were free if you purchased adult tickets….or maybe it was the other way around..I can’t remember now. Either way, it was like $20 for the four of us to go to the circus and since we didn’t have anything on the calendar we figured, what the heck, let’s go do something spontaneous and fun with the kids!

I knew where it was going to be held….the same place where I do all of my consignment shopping twice a year.

I had a hard time envisioning how a circus could be held in that particular convention center, but I kept an open mind about it.

Turns out I didn’t need to envision much. LOL.

I will say, we all shared a sno cone and some cotton candy, and the girls were thrilled with it. So- I’ll still place this excursion in the win category.

But y’all.

Jankiest circus EVER. I’m still laughing just thinking about it.

(Check out that elite VIP section one row ahead of us)

But hey, that cotton candy face. Totally worth it.

They had all of the usual circus performances and tricks….just on like the smallest scale you could imagine.

Literally, two clowns.

I die.

That black screen behind the girls was the only thing “shielding” the performers who were waiting to come on “stage”. Or, after they were done. You could see them walking around with plates of food and stuff after their acts were over back there LOL!

It was also set up with just regular chairs in a half circle around the “ring” and I kept feeling like, man, this is the sort of thing that ends up on Inside Edition or something. A big old elephant goes on a rampage or the motor bike explodes. But alas, nothing like that happened, it was just a hilarious experience that Jim and I had a good laugh over after the fact.

I took some pictures of the girls before we left the house because they looked so cute and totally circus ready and I wasn’t sure if there would be a place to take a picture of them at the circus(shocker! there wasn’t)

All of these pictures turned out so, so cute. I just adore their sweet and unique personalities!

Their sister love is the very best!

And so that’s the tale of the Joplin circus. They mentioned coming back to town next year….so we’ll be saving up all of our pennies and anxiously awaiting their return until then bahahaha.

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  1. I couldn’t help but get a laugh out of this. As with everything in parenting, you win some and you lose some. But those smiling faces made the lackluster worth it, right?! And hose pictures you took of the girls prior to leaving are perfect. Miss Mabel seems like quite he cute little spitfire.

  2. that is HILARIOUS!!! i love stories like these. where you look back and cringe but laugh. and it’s all good anyway, because kids think it’s cool no matter what, so that’s happy! oh, those cute girlies are too much sweetness. 🙂 🙂

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