First Day Of Homeschool Second Grade!

Well we did it! Abigail has started her second grade school year! And, for the first time in the history of Spena School, we have officially started in August. It’s all Finn’s fault 😉

Typically, we go on a family beach vacation to Destin over Labor Day and start school when we get back. Welll, no Destin this year(Finn instead) AND since this is my first year having to log our school hours (in the state of Missouri, you’re required to log a minimum of 1,000 school hours once your child turns 7) I figured we might as well get a jump start on some of it since who knows if/how much time we might take off once little brother makes his grand debut!

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I might talk about our daily schedule more once we get our rhythm figured out, but, for now, homeschool second grade looks like:

Up at 7:30


Get ready/playtime

Start school at 9

Work until lunch/12

Have quiet times/nap time

Outdoor/play time

And that’s pretty much it!

Our co-op starts in two weeks, so for now we are just doing math, language arts, hand writing, typing, and Spanish. But once Classical Conversations begins, we’ll be adding in history, science, geography, grammar, and more!

(As a refresher- in the younger years, CC provides all curriculum for your school year excluding a math and language arts program)

Our first day went really great! We were excited to get started and had a really enjoyable time together getting reacquainted with curriculum we used last year and also getting to use some brand new curriculum as well.

After we finished, I let my star pupil choose a celebration lunch, so she picked a car picnic from Schlotzsky’s and then we headed to the park to play! Our weather has been incredibly mild, so it was absolutely perfect for park time!

After that, we headed home to put Mabel down for a nap, and Abigail and I watched a Tinkerbell movie together until Mabel woke up.

So, all in all, a great first day of school. We can’t wait to see what this new year holds for Miss Abigail and are so excited to continue to watch her grow and learn!

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  1. That wake up time is far too early! I should probably homeschool jiatvao I don’t have to be out of bed before 8!!! So glad Abigail had an awesome first day!

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