Our Favorite Children’s Books

Books, books, books. If there is one thing that is the most important part of our day, our schooling, our teaching, bedtime, play time, and just about anything else time….that one thing is books. We read all day long around these parts.

Abigail has always enjoyed books and now Miss Mabel gets to join in on the action too! I love when she is sitting next to us and clearly engaged in listening to me read. It’s awesome!

Anyway, we haven’t quite delved into the full chapter book arena yet. We’ve tried Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little, and Little House on the Prairie, but have only made it a few chapters into each one. Abigail is still at a place where she loves lots of pictures. She can sit for a crazy long time to listen to a book but she needs something to look at and not just listen to to stay interested. Which works for now!

So, I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite children’s books that we read regularly in our home.

Though, I would love to hear what your favorite children’s books to read are too!

Any recommendations or suggestions are always welcome- be sure to leave them in the comment section below!

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Our Favorite Children’s Books:

The Berenstain Bears 

We love the Berenstain Bears! They have so many wonderful stories in their collections that address issues that are perfectly geared towards my five year old. I will say, I do edit a fair number of the older books because I’m not a fan of how they created Papa Bear- but in the newer versions, I haven’t found any that have to be edited.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford is classic. There are endless holiday options, puppy days, and big dog stories to be read. My Dad even grabbed her a “Clifford goes to Washington D.C.” when he was there recently for a business trip. So much fun! Easy to read, fun to look at, and no editing required 😉

Curious George

Oh that curious little monkey, we love his stories! And I love cracking up at old timey illustrations in the originals- the man in the yellow hat capturing him with his giant gun, George smoking a pipe, him selling out to a big movie producer and celebrating with cigars, sniffing Ether at the hospital. Hilarious. ANYWAY. The newer versions lose that “classic” flair, but both are fun stories about an adorable monkey who gets into all sorts of shenanigans.

Fancy Nancy

We’ve only recently gotten into Fancy Nancy since we joined the library, but I’m fairly convinced of this one thing. Abigail is Fancy Nancy. Their vocabulary is basically the same and now that we’ve been reading these books she’s only becoming more and more verbose. (During her birthday party she complained to Jim that she was “perspiring”. Yep) Love the stories in these books and the vocabulary words in the back of the book are awesome for little minds!

Amelia Bedelia

There aren’t many books that crack Abigail up more than Miss Amelia Bedelia. Half the time she doesn’t even understand the puns and miscommunication, but she still thinks the outcomes are HILARIOUS. Some of these stories are fairly short to read and some of them are surprisingly long, but we’ve enjoyed every one that we’ve read so far!

My First Little House On The Prairie

As I mentioned above, we’ve tried Little House On The Prairie and Farmer Boy, but after a few chapters it was hard to keep her excited about reading the story. No pictures is hard! So these books fill that void. They are short stories of all of your favorite parts inside the originals but all paired with gorgeous illustrations and easy to read pages. We have almost every story in this series and it’s impossible to pick a favorite. They’re all wonderful.

So there you have it! A brief breakdown of some of our very favorite children’s books in this house! I’d love to hear what you’re loving to read with your littles, so be sure to chime in!


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  1. You should try the book with no pictures! It's absolutely hilarious and my daughter loves it. She also really likes the day the crayons quit, and it's sequel.

  2. Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia were two of my childhood favorites!! Crazy how little changes through the years when it comes to reading. I wonder if tweens still read The Babysitter's Club??

  3. Fancy Nancy is a big hit at our house along with anything that rhymes these days. I just pulled out all of our Christmas books and Olive is in heaven. It's fun to see how her tastes change as she's getting older, but I sure hope she always loves books.

  4. Most of our books are boy related, so I don't have any suggestions, but have you tried any of Chris Van Dusen's books? Circus Ship is one of our favorites, but he has a few others that are great. They are rhyming books, and the illustrations are amazing!

  5. We love all of these series too! I've read an abridged Peter Pan and since it had some pictures, Kinsey tolerated it but then I got ambitious and started reading The Wizard of Oz and only got through 4 chapters, sigh. There's always next year!

  6. What about the American Doll series? She might still be a bit young for them, but I loved getting lost in those when I was in elementary. I loved Amelia Bedelia books too!!! My husband hadn't ever read them before so he thought they were weird at first, but now he totally gets them and loves them. ha!

  7. We love those little house books! So glad I stumbled on that suggestion of yours before! Have you tried any of the bitty baby books? You can get them on Amazon and they are longer stories but lots of pictures and really good lessons. Callie who won't sit still for much always finishes those books!

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