6 Months Of Mabel!

How in the world is this post even possible?! How are we already halfway to one?! *simultaneously cries and starts a 1st birthday Pinterest board*
Miss Mabel has continued to be the sweetest little miss and I am totally loving and savoring every bit of the “sweet spot” that we’re in right now. I always consider this age to be just that, because they’re so fun and interactive, but totally immobile still. I call that the best of both worlds.
Let’s see what all Mabesy has been up to this month!

At her 6 month check up last week she clocked in at 17 pounds and 26 inches long! Or, as they wrote on her print out, 2 feet 2 inches tall. Which I just find seriously hilarious.

She’s wearing 6-12 and 9-12 month clothes and due to frequent blow out situations, I went ahead and moved her up to size 4 diapers as well.

And just for fun, I pulled out Abigail’s baby book to compare. At six months old, she was 18 pounds and 6 ounces. 26.75 inches. Talk about a hoss! I remember her being a big bebeh, but didn’t remember that much.

We haven’t started any solid foods yet(though Thanksgiving may change that!) and we are still exclusively breastfeeding. I absolutely love nursing and I am just so beyond grateful and thankful that I’ve gotten to do this again. It amazes me that I’ve been able to grow this little girl all by myself! We haven’t had a need for a bottle yet, but maybe someday in the next few months we’ll get crazy and try one. Or maybe not 😉
She eats roughly every three hours throughout the day and typically 2-3 times a night. Fortunately, she’s still a fast eater so it’s not too much of a time commitment. I’ve tried to wean her down in the middle of the night to just eating off of one side per feeding to try and phase that out, but she’s not a huge fan of that. And that’s okay. Someday she’ll surprise me with a huge STTN, I just know it.
Mabel started sitting up unassisted this month! Which is such a fun milestone! We are loving being able to have her sitting beside us while we play and do things. She is happy to sit there and play with her toys and watch us. It’s so great.
She still hasn’t actually rolled from back to belly yet. She’s all- no thanks on that one, Mom. But she’ll roll from her belly to her back in .05 seconds when I put her on it.

She has gotten a *smidge* better about actually going to bed at night. Instead of 10/11, it’s more like 9 that she is finally falling asleep for her “long” stretch. Which I am calling a win! She’s still in her rock n play beside me at bedtime and we’re still swaddling her in a sleep sack. She still loves her orange paci and her musical giraffe too!

She naps like a champ through out the day in her crib like a boss. So, I think all in all, we’ll keep her around.

We still haven’t really found any dislikes for Miss Mabel! Mostly she just loves everything and is just happy to be around. And we’re insanely glad that she is!

As you can tell, Mabel’s eyes are turning brown! I can’t tell you how excited this makes me. When we found out Abigail’s eyes were going to be blue, I was just so shocked and blown away and thrilled! Growing up in a family of all brown eyes, blue eyes just seemed so exotic and so much more beautiful than my boring brown ones. So getting a daughter with bright blue eyes was such an exciting gift! But, getting to see my own eyes in my second daughter has caught me off guard with how happy it makes me too. Both are precious!
Her hemangioma beside her eye is staying the same- though a few people recently have asked me if she has a bruise or if she hurt herself. Nope! Just a birth mark of sorts. And it really depends on the day as far as how noticeable it is. And of course, most of the time I don’t notice it at all!
Oh sweet Mabesy girl. You just make our lives so much happier and more wonderful! We are so thankful for you and the joy that you add to our family. We love watching you grow and learn and cherish every single day we get with you. You’re such a gift! Happy half birthday little girl.


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  1. Goodness I love this!!!! Those big brown eyes sure are beautiful like her mama's! And WHAT? Hope and I totally started a secret pin board for Nancy's 1st birthday when she turned 6 months too. HA!!! Love. it.

  2. What a LOVE!!!! She is SO similar to Louise…sitting, sleeping in rock and play, not STTN…someday! 😉 I have LOVED watching her grow, and I think she looks SO MUCH like A (even though she has your eyes)!!! Happy 1/2 birthday, sweet girl! Time to start party planning!!!! xoxo

  3. Gah, I cannot get enough of Mabel! Especially on snap chat! Is it odd that I think her & Finn look a lot alike…? I would be thrilled with just 2-3 night wakings as now Finn is on the every two hour program. He's 21lbs, so he's not starving… But little guy loves being latched & close through the night!

  4. Oh goodness gracious! What a sweetie pie! How is she already six months old?! How does time go so fast?! It needs to slow down. Also, I completely agree with you on this being the sweet spot age. I love it! It just might be my favorite 🙂

  5. precious girl!! i bet it is so crazy having another girl and discovering that she is all her own person!! she seems so sweet and gentle. obviously wants to be close to her mommy, and i consider that a darn good quality!!!

  6. She is absolutely precious!! I just love following your blog & Instagram and watching her grow! I had a question- what caused you guys to have to move her crib into your room? Does that make her sleep better at night? Hope I don't sound stalkerish- I just noticed it in some of your pics!

    1. Ha! Not stalkerish. Mainly because our bedroom and hers are on total opposite ends of the house and I didn't feel like walking back and forth down the hall one million times a night for pacifier replacements 🙂 and yeah, I'm not ready to send her off to her own room yet!

  7. Oh sitting up was one of my favorite milestones!! So much fun and so much more interaction!! She just looks so sweet and so happy! Love that lavender color on her too — great photos!

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