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The Little Things

As I worked through putting together my year in review post last week, I was reminded again of exactly why I put so much time and energy into this space. It is my girl’s memory book. It holds my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories of our daily life. It keeps all of our special pictures, dates, and milestones. And, because of that, I’m going to be working hard to get back to sharing more regularly all of the small and special moments from our day to day life and not just the big events.

After all, the little ones are actually the big ones. Right?

Last year, my blogging groove got a little knocked off it’s axis by the arrival of the Mabes. I don’t think I’ll be able to get back to how things were before she arrived, but I am going to try and get back to some more of the content that I used to write. I’m also committing myself to taking more pictures with my DSLR again. Cell phone pictures are great and I’m SO glad that I have them, but my big camera captures so much more and are such higher quality. It’s easier to take a picture with my cell phone, but I always like my DSLR pictures more. So, more big girl camera pictures it is!
But, before I get back to doing that, here is a huge accumulation of sweet cell phone pictures that I need to share!

As I was busy unpacking the house, Abigail stumbled upon a package of garage sale price stickers. Everything was covered in them. Including her little sister and my butt.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m going to mention it again. Do you know how much closer we live to Target now? Like WAY closer. It’s awesome. All three of us think so(I don’t know that Jim feels quite so passionately about it)

Even though we moved on December 1st, we decided to be ambitious and tried to get through all of Truth in The Tinsel. We made it all of 11 days…..but those 11 days were awesome! Maybe next year we’ll make it all 24 days.

This little girl is so great. She just sits and smiles and is wonderful. And she love love loves her pacifier and will put it back in herself…..almost always upside down and off center. It’s so adorable.

We sent this picture to my Mom one morning- I can’t remember why but it’s cute, so it gets to hang out inside this blog post.

I can’t wait to show you more of Mabel’s room. It is such a sweet space and I just love it!

If Mabel wakes up sometime after 5, she gets to come sleep with Mama and I love it so stinking much. She’s the snuggliest little sleeping buddy ever.

I look at this picture and can still recall the overwhelming emotions I felt when I saw the girls like this. I was doing something in the kitchen(our new house doesn’t have an open floor plan like our last one) so I peeked in to check on Mabesy and both girls were sitting together playing quietly and nicely and I just instantly started tearing up…and then maybe shed a tear.

It was just one of those big dream fulfilled moments. Where you realize you have exactly what you’ve always wanted and it’s just even better than you ever could have imagined.

Before sleep training, Mabel was convinced that sleep is for suckers. But, we taught her the Spena way. Which, is sleep. And lots of it.

Mabel got one of her Christmas presents early! A new high chair! We all love this thing.

In the middle of December we had crazy warm weather. We had a car lunch picnic. The girls were really excited about it.

So we went to the park instead and it was fabulous! Mabel is a total swing girl and Abigail runs around and plays and plays.

We’re still working on Mabesy’s selfie skills.
Like I said.
My favorite.

Sweet baby girl had her very first sick visit to the pediatrician last month. Fortunately it was ruled as just a yucky sounding cold- I was so thankful that her ears and chest sounded perfectly clear! She had an awful cough and fever for a few days, but it went away eventually and I’m glad that we all survived baby’s first illness just fine.

I don’t usually post breastfeeding pictures because it seems like they always upset people? I kind of hate how feeding your baby is always such a firestorm of debate- like, come on. But, when I found out I was pregnant again I committed to myself that I would take more nursing photos. Because I have ONE, literally just one picture of me nursing Abigail, and I breastfed her for 13 months. It was such a special time and I so regret not documenting it more.

SO ANYWAY, here is a picture I snuck in during our bedtime routine. Breastfeeding is one of my most favorite things in the world(and is currently Mabel’s too!).

I always let Abigail dress herself. In her room I keep all of her clothes folded in a dresser so she can easily get to them and choose what to wear. As long as it’s modest and seasonally appropriate I don’t care what she picks.

This is what she wore to church recently. Lol. Gotta love it.

Speaking of breastfeeding pictures….one day I nursed Mabel while she held this nativity toy in one hand and her orange paci in the other. She didn’t put either down the entire time and it was making me laugh so hard. Such a silly baby!

The more Mabel is starting to move and play….the more we’re learning to share with each other 😉

Next to breastfeeding, Mabel’s favorite thing is probably her orange pacifier. She lights up when she spots it, knows how to use it herself, and as you can see, tries to multitask with it. We adore her!

I’m really looking forward to what 2016 will bring. I know it will have two growing girls, more homeschooling, and lots of home projects. But who knows what else it may hold! I can’t wait to write, photograph, and share all of it here.

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  1. Looking forward to 2016! Our Target is about 8 minutes away…trouble.

    Will you posting more on sleep training? I sure hope so!

  2. Parker always gets to sleep with me if she wakes up before 7 and that is usually every work day! It's like she knows daddy went to work and she can get in bed.

    I love her with the orange paci! Girl knows what she wants 🙂

    Why do people freak about breastfeeding pics? I've posted a few on IG and they usually get a good response. People always have an opinion on something. Sheesh 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Sweet girls!!! Sleep training and new high chairs…our girls continue to be twins!! I am so glad that she is sleeping more!! Louise is a great night sleeper now, but her naps are AWFUL. The only people who freak out about breastfeeding pictures are ignorant people who don't know better. As a non-breastfeeding mother, it doesn't bother me one bit. I feel bad for people who waste so much of their time on issues that don't affect them. Geez! Happy Monday, Friend!! xo

  4. LOVE this. LOVE the little moments. Sometimes it seems like such a random post/photo dump, but that's what life is about. The little moments. I have SO SO many pictures on my phone that I never share because I feel like I can't write a post about it, but this has inspired me. Like you said, I blog as a memory book since I don't have time to fully scrapbook anymore (since Mason was born) and I want to remember everything – the big and the small!

  5. So sweet! I did the same thing with the breastfeeding pictures! I had 1 or 2 with my first, so I was more intentional with my second, I took way more pictures! All of the pictures are adorable, especially the one of them playing together, melt my heart!

  6. love love love and i relate to so much of this!! all the sleeping baby photos, please!! and such a sweet big girl you have! we are closer to stuff now too and it's AMAZING, right!! also me too on the nursing. i absolutely love nursing… it's such an important time for me and my babes together!

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