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We left things with my Christmas recap, but we got to stay in Arizona for TEN DAYS, so I still have a lot more to share!  We always have the most wonderful time with my parents. They are so incredibly generous and hospitable- not to mention FUN. So we love getting to take the girls out there and really savor some Grammy and Pappy time.

So here is a bit(a lot) more of what we were up to!

One of my parents Christmas gifts to Abigail was a trip to one of her most favorite places- The Animal Store!

What the common plebeian may refer to as: Build A Bear

Mabel wasn’t quite sure about the sights and sounds this visit, but she is confident that by next Christmas, she’ll be putting in a request of her own.

Also, that ankle.

In true Abigail fashion, she zeroed in on her unconventional choice quickly and would not deviate from it. Princess bear? nope. Cat? no way. Dog? noooo. Rainbow colored cheetah catbear? YESSS.

She quickly named her Clara Bear(Sidenote: Abigail is the queen of naming her toys. Seriously, the kid amazes me with the things she chooses. Interesting considering she wanted to name her baby sister Pinocchio PineJunk but I digress) and dressed her catbear in this awesome jumpsuit with furry boots. Total killer outfit.

And this picture just makes me swoon. I love how she is looking up at my Mom and I can just hear her voice just chatting away. I mean, the kid can talk your ears(and every other body part and heaven knows what she was actually telling her….) off but it’s still just so sweet.

Mabel has started giving me these baby hug/snuggles and they seriously undo me. She will rest her head on my shoulder and it’s so wonderful I can’t hardly stand it. Anytime I get her up out of bed and sometimes when I’m carrying her upstairs to lay her down she’ll just rest her head on me. Absolutely precious.

Abigail learned how to play checkers! It’s so fun watching her learn how to do like…grown up stuff. Because, it’s really fun to get to play with her! She really held her own and I have no doubt will be a great competitor someday very soon.

Well these two are just peas in a pod. A greater Pappy you will not find!

One of our all time favorite games to play whenever we all get together(Jim’s family too!) is Settlers Of Catan. Abigail has overheard us playing it long enough now that she was ready to try and get in on some of the trading action. She also enjoyed rolling the dice for all of us as well. We’re major game players in our house, so it’s fun to see Miss A following right along with that!

We have a sort of tradition with my parents that after we go to church on Sunday morning, we go to Chompies for brunch afterwards! Last year when we went I could hardly eat anything because the little Miss Mabel was still giving me a whopping run for my money, but this time around she was the most pleasant Chompies companion there ever was and I went ahead and made up for lost time.

I’m going to confess and say that I’m still having a hard time comprehending how this one is big enough to be sitting up and riding around in carts and in high chairs and stuff. Wasn’t she just born??

Wherever there is a wonderful Pappy, there is always a just as wonderful Grammy close by. She’s the greatest that there ever was and ever will be. It is written(literally. I just wrote it)

Whenever we make it out to Phoenix, we always make sure to make it over to the Zoo while we’re in town! We love the Phoenix Zoo. It’s a great place to meet up with friends(or family, this particular day we met up with my sister in law and niece and nephew) get some fresh air, and stretch your legs a bit!

It was chilly- especially for Phoenix! But it was colder and pouring rain back home, so no complaints here!

And while we were there, Abigail was riding the carousel with her aunt and cousins, when I looked over and noticed a familiar face standing in line to ride next. Courtney from From Here To Eternity was standing in line with her sweet Mia! I couldn’t believe the luck that we would be in such a huge place in a huge city at the same place and the same time, so I took Mabel over there and said hello! And of course, we had my Mom snap a quick picture of us as proof that we actually got to meet face to face. With promises of a much longer visit/hang out sesh next time I’m back in town, we parted ways.

Mabel got some Little People farm animals(now she just needs the farm….) for Christmas and she played with them non stop our entire visit. They are perfect for little hands!
Abigail helped Mom make a chocolate pie for my Dad’s 50th birthday(on the 29th!)….and my Mom let her lick the spoon and the bowl. What are Grammy’s for?
We went to the Disney store to make an exchange and Daddy got sidetracked. A friend called her Phasmabel and I’m still laughing over it.

This trip was the trip for meeting friends! Many many moons ago, when I was newly pregnant with Miss Abigail, I joined a birth month board(november 2010!) on thebump.com. What I had no idea then, is that I would make some incredible friends who I still talk to daily today. One of those friends was Amy! She lives in Phoenix and we were finally able to make a meet up happen! We met at the Scottsdale Train Park and it was fabulous. The kids had a great time together and we had such an awesome time visiting with each other.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Phoenix without a stop at In N Out once…or twice….or as much as possible. It’s just down the road from my parents place and I’m hooked on the stuff. We went there for lunch on New Years Eve just to make sure that we had the best lunch we possibly could to send out 2015.

We spent New Years at my parents house, but also with my Brother and sister in law, their two kiddos, and my brother in law’s parents. We played games all night, ate way way wayyyyy too much food, and had the absolute best time!

This is possibly my favorite picture in all the land.

PHEW! And after allllll of that, we packed up our babies and we headed for home! Home that is thankfully dry after all of the flooding in our area, ready and waiting for a whole host of projects, and ready for some fresh and new routine!

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  1. You play Settlers? That's awesome! We've been playing for at least 10 years. It never gets old! Our friends introduced us to Splendor last weekend, and it reminded me of Settlers a little. It's next on my list of games to buy!

  2. Cam would have picked the same (most random) stuffed animal. And those ankles are to DIE for!! Seriously, the cutest set of sisters ever!! They are both just so SWEET!

  3. Oh, I love your writing voice. You crack me up 🙂 I love how you pointed out "those ankles" – they are the so cute! As is her sweet little face. She's giving you hugs?! Oliver needs to learn that one asap! Also, the sitting up without toppling over after a few seconds would be nice too 🙂 It looks [and sounds] like you all had a wonderful visit and Christmas with your parents!

  4. So glad you guys got to spend so much quality time with your family. The best! And girl – Vivian has started doing the whole hugging back and resting head on shoulder thing. And I die every time. And want to pick her up all the time just to see if she'll do it. Love this stage so much! Can they just stay like this forever, please!

  5. What a great trip you had. So fun that you were able to be there for your dad's birthday and you met two virtual friends and, and, and!

    Emily used t give me those snuggles and she would rub my back and gently play with my hair. She was just the sweetest little baby and to this day she still loves to snuggle. Last night I was chilling with her and I said "how in the world are you about to turn 5, you were just a baby" She said "I'll always be your baby!" …. and then I sobbed my eyes out.

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