Kindergarten Homeschooling Routine

It has been a minute since I’ve talked about homeschooling on the blog! I sometimes feel like I don’t have much to share about it, but it takes up such a huge portion of our time and plans, it turns out that I actually do!
So, hopefully, I’ll find some more time to share even more about all of the fun things we’ve been up to at home soon.
But, for today, I thought I would just share what our kindergarten homeschooling routine looks like and give you a few small glimpses of Abigail’s school room!

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In our new house, we have a lovely sun room right off of the dining room that we have designated as Abigail’s school/craft room.

Her easel lives in there along with all of her art supplies and a book shelf. It needs a lot of work(paint, lighting, rugs, curtains, wall art, furniture…you know, just to name a few things) but for now, it works.

I have hopes that it will be a bright and cheery space that helps foster a life long love of learning and creativity.

Since her school room is still mostly unfinished(also, it’s currently freezing in there!) we bring all of her school books into the dining room and work together at the table.

I’m not a majorly structured person. I like a loose routine that can be shifty and moved about if necessary. For now, since we’re just doing Kindergarten, I like being able to do things still throughout the week(Ladies Bible Study, MOPS, etc) or things like last minute play dates with friends.

We plan to do school 5 days a week, but sometimes it is more like 3 or 4. But the beauty of homeschooling is that we can double up on a day and be right back on schedule. We love that!

For now, our Kindergarten homeschooling routine looks like this:

Wake up for the day around 7:30.

(If we have somewhere to be that day, we go ahead and get dressed and ready now. If not, PJ day it is!)

Make and eat breakfast(and lattes!)

Play until Mabel goes down for her morning nap.

Once Mabesy goes down, it is school time!

We get out all of our books and do worksheets, songs, bible time, art, reading, coloring, and math. We’ll take the video monitor with us and go play outside and explore. We’ll watch youtube videos together about whatever we’re learning or do a fun project that our curriculum explains to us.

Depending on the day, we spend somewhere between 1-2 hours working on this.

And even when she is done with school for the day, I can usually still find her in here coloring to her hearts content. She is currently working on an illustrated chapter book- she colors the pictures and then dictates the story to me.

But a day never passes without receiving at least a dozen hand crafted illustrations and loving notes created for me. Absolutely precious!

And some days, this little one wakes up before we’re finished, so she gets to just hang out in her high chair or my lap or the floor….whichever one she feels like and plays with her toys until we are done.

She is currently writing and reading up a storm and it won’t be long until all of it clicks together and this girl is a full fledged reader. SO exciting!

And that is a little peek into our daily Kindergarten homeschool routine!

If you homeschool, what do your days look like?


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  1. When did you start this with her? I'm so interested in starting with Rae soon.

    and that alphabet garland is amazing!!

  2. Oh, that alphabet banner is so sweet! Link? 🙂 Question- do you whip out your whole days curriculum in one sitting or find you spread it out throughout the day? Kinsey CAN NOT sit still for longer than 10 minutes when not fully engaged (hello school work haha)

  3. I like how you mentioned the flexibility of homeschooling. This is one thing that draws me to it for Connor. While I don't plan to homeschool, if we aren't able to move before Kindergarten then I will because our school district leaves EVERYTHING to be desired.

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