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Now that we’re a solid half way through our Spena school year, I thought I would pop in here and give a little update on how our school year is going, what we have left to accomplish, and as we look towards a new school year in the fall- what our plans are!

I shared all of our curriculum choices for Miss Abigail in this blog post at the start of our school year! So far, everything has been working for us. She completed her cursive books, so now she is writing in print or cursive when she works on her language lessons.

To be honest, I’m not LOVING our math curriculum as much as I did last year- so I will probably be changing it before her 4th grade year.

Otherwise, I have been really happy with the way our year is progressing!

Some days, she is finished incredibly quickly and efficiently. Some days, she has work to do after dinner because she could never stay on task. It ebbs and flows and I’m okay with that.

We love being a part of our Classical Conversations community! We go every Monday from 9-1 and it covers all of Abigail’s subjects except for Math and Language Arts. We review her work all week long and do her additional subjects + supplemental ones as well, those 4 other days a week.

We aren’t sure yet what we will be doing next year. Because Mabel turns 4 in May, she officially ages out of the CC nursery and if she is going to be on campus, she will need to be enrolled as a student. Except- I’m not ready for her to be a student. And, since we have no family here- I have nowhere to take or put her. So, we’re really going back and forth over what we should do. Continue with CC and work out a complex situation for Mabel every Monday, or, take a break from CC until we feel like Mabel is old enough to begin CC (of course, then Finn will be getting older and we’ll have the same problem all over again!)

I’ll keep you posted.

Abigail is taking weekly piano lessons- which she is loving and excelling at. It has been so much fun to watch her learn! She is also taking dance once a week at the same studio she has been at for the last few years. In the spring, she will do baseball again and she is hoping to land a spot in the upcoming Music Man Jr. play! We will see!

Our school days usually look like:

A coffee run in the van with CC review on during our drive.

Once Finn lays down for his morning nap, I get Mabel situated with something, then Abigail and I do school until he wakes up.

She can then either continue her work, or choose to take a break until after lunch, when Mabel and Finn both take an afternoon nap and Abigail can complete anything she hasn’t done in the morning. As well as pursue other things like playing outside, crafting, reading, or chores 😉

I seriously can’t believe we are in the downhill slide of her 3rd grade year- but she has risen to everything I have given her and I’m so proud of how hard she works, how quickly she grasps new concepts, and just how smart she is.

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  1. May I recommend Abeka for Math. I taught it for years and years in a Christian school and I have never found a better curriculum anywhere.

  2. I hope Abigail gets to do Music Man Jr! We did the Music Man in high school, and it was a lot of fun–I was just a townsperson lol….I’ve been in the orchestra for a musical a few times though which was also a lot of fun!

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