16 Months Of Finn

Way late on this one! But I love these because hello virtual baby book! All the memories in one place. Finn turned 16 months on the 15th and this age is just so.much.fun!

His personality continues to blossom and grow and change and it is the best learning more about him and getting to see what kind of little person he will be!

Finn’s 16 Month Stats!

Size: At the hospital they said 32 inches tall and 23.12 lb! They measured his head too but I can literally never remember what they say. He’s still wearing the same clothes- 24 months, size 5 shoes, and size 6 diapers!

Eating: All the things! We have to give him small, rationed bites because the little dude will stuff them all in like a chipmunk and it’s ridiculous. He is obsessed with peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, chicken, berries, sausage, yogurt, and pizza.

Sleep: Like a champ. Naps 2x a day still, usually two hours in the morning (like 9-11) and 2 hours in the afternoon (like 1-3ish). He goes to bed around 630/7 and sleeps until 7/730. Angel child. He loves his crib and never wants to be held for sleep. (he loves to be held. just not for sleep time)

Loves: OBSESSED with his pacifiers. Wants one (or two or three) at all times. Loves to play cars. His sisters. Mama. Dad getting home from work. Puffs. Goldfish. Stealing snacks. Playing with the kitchen. Snack time, bath time, bed time.

Hates: Diaper changes. Being told “no”. Being put down. Getting buckled into his car seat.

Milestones: First steps!!!! Not many, but a few! A mouth full of teeth. Seriously, where did they all come from?! Saying, yes, no, bath, bye bye, hi, mama, dada, nodding his head yes, shaking his head no, blowing kisses, signing all done, waving his arm like “shoo” when he has a dirty diaper and I tell him it is stinky, lol. He’ll put his hands on either side of his head when you say, “oh dear!”. Plays peek a boo.

Looks Like:

Looks like Abigail! Fo sho!

Finn, this month was a reminder of how very, very loved you are. We are so blessed to have you in our family. Your spunk, your spirit, your silliness, your happiness and light. We are so thankful that you are ours. Love you, little boy.

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