How We Named Our Boy

So let’s talk about this baby boy name!!

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If you have been following A + Life for a while now, our baby boy name probably didn’t come as some great shock to you. I have mentioned it a few times over the years, but specifically listed it out in this baby names post a few years ago(before Mabel even!)

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So let’s discuss the actual name, the meaning behind it, and what took us so long to finally agree on that middle name!

We have planned to use the name “Finn” for quite literally the last ten+ years or so.

I vividly remember having a conversation with Jim’s Mom back when we were still dating, in the car, in a Blockbuster parking lot(waiting for Jim to return a movie), discussing his family tree. She mentioned that his great grandfather’s name was “Finn Martens”(he passed away before Jim’s Dad was even born) and I remember thinking right then and there- how much I absolutely LOVED that name.

I mentioned it to Jim in some hypothetical future baby scenario and we both agreed that we loved how it was a family name, a classic name, and a strong boy name.

Around that same time we decided that we would use Montgomery with it. Jim’s middle name is Montgomery, as is his father’s. We liked the flow of a long middle name paired with a short first name and both agreed that it had a nice ring to it.

It was our baby boy name choice for our pregnancy with Abigail….and with Mabel…..(and apparently over this time it has surged in popularity as well. Gah!)

So once we found out we were ACTUALLY FINALLY having a baby boy, that was automatically our name choice this time around….right?

Er, well. Not so much.

I suddenly found myself dragging my feet over the Montgomery choice. It just didn’t FEEL like his name to me. So, I started up a campaign for “Finn James”. I figured Jim would leap at the chance to use his first name instead of his middle, but whoa was I wrong 😉

We went around and around over that middle name. Well, mostly me. Trying to offer up alternatives or suggestions- meanwhile, Jim held fast to ONLY wanting Montgomery.

So, what changed my mind?

Well, a dear reader emailed me that she had been making her way through my blog post archives and stumbled upon this post. Within it, was this section:

“After a very brief stint in adamantly proclaiming that “we have enough babies”, Abigail has taken the stance of wanting alllll the babies. She asked me one day how we got Mabel and I told her that her Daddy and I prayed for a very long time for another baby and He finally gave us one. So, she has taken it upon herself(bless it) to pray at lit-er-ally every single prayer, “God, please give us another baby. But this time, instead of a girl baby, make it a boy baby. And his name will be Finn Montgomery.”

I had completely forgotten about that. I had completely forgotten about writing that! But, instantly, tears were falling and prayers of absolute thankfulness were being uttered- because my (at the time) 4 year old daughter’s prayers have been answered. And there was just no way, after reading that, that his name could ever be anything but Finn Montgomery.

So there you have it!  A little bit more background into how we chose his name with a whole lot of super special big sissy prayers behind it.

Let the monogramming officially begin! 🙂

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  1. And now I’m crying.
    Love, love the meaning behind Finn’s name, and how his middle name came to be.
    Can’t wait to meet this little man!!

  2. I adore your little boy’s name!! Finn Montgomery is perfect! And that story of Abigail is precious!! So, so sweet!

  3. Annnnd I’m crying too. They are going to be the best big sisters! And I highly approve of Montgomery – as it will hopefully someday be my married last name! 😉 Yayayay can’t wait to meet you Finn!

  4. What a sweet story and sweet answer to prayer!! That’ll be so fun to tell him when he gets older. Love his name and let the monogramming begin 🙂

  5. awww this is so freaking sweet! i love his name and the story behind it. so cool you’ve anted it for so long. the best part of this story though is the blockbuster parking lot. so cool 😉

  6. Gosh, I just love this story!!! And I think Finn Montgomery has the perfect ring to it! Plus, I’m a sucker for these types of classic (yet modern?) names! I have a Holden and Rhett after all! 😉

  7. I love historical names. There are only 3 of us on my paternal side who do not have a name repeat in our whole existance in America.
    I am Brittany Rae (Rae is maternal).
    There is a Kelsey Renee
    And a Nancy Susanne
    None of these 6 monkiers repeat at all on our whole paternal family tree.
    I LOVE names like Montgomery that are passed down to sons, and sons sons. And Finn is forever adorable and you have wanted that for so long.

  8. Cute! My husband was the same way with having a son named after him. So we broke his name up and named our son with the last part of my husbands name

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