Baby Spena Week 29

Here we are just sailing through 3rd tri! In a few days I’ll be crossed over into 30 weeks land and that is just INSANE! Right? Totally insane.

I had a check up yesterday and everything is still looking perfect! Head down baby, heart rate in the 150’s, and I took my glucose test right before- so hopefully the results of that blood work will be just as uneventful as it was with the girls.

We’re already to every two week appointments, which is just crazy!

Navy Kimono c/o PinkBlush // denim shorts // white tank

This week’s stats!

Symptoms: Oh the usual stuff that I’ve been mentioning for months now :p I don’t think there is anything to add to the list other than his movements are getting decidedly bigger and impossible to ignore!

Body Image/Weight Gain: I officially clocked in at 164 this week- I’m really hoping to slowly and steadily gain just a few remaining pounds in these last few weeks, but it is what it is.

Cravings: No real cravings so much as feeling like my tastes are totally off! I mentioned it to my Mom while we were in Phoenix and realized that there is a lot of stuff I like to eat that I haven’t been eating/craving like I typically do. I’m currently liking fruity/sweet things way more than I ever do and a lot of the salty foods that are always my favorites I haven’t been wanting. I don’t know. It’s weird!

Size Of Baby: 2.5 lbs, 15 inches!

Movement: So, so much movement. He’s like big sister Mabel in that department. Obviously, Abigail is a busy kid, but nothing like Mabel busy. So I expect Mabel and Finn to be quite the dynamic duo in a few more months.

Sleep: Zero complaints! Sooooo happy to be back in Missouri and reunited with my Snoogle! Boy I missed that thing.

Clothing: I was sent some amazing clothes from PinkBlush and I love them!!! The kimono I’m wearing is one of the pieces, but I have two more tops to show you soon as well!

Purchases: I did some baby boy shopping while in Phoenix and I did not leave disappointed! I stopped into Carter’s and found a few cute items. I love Carter’s for the girls, but really haven’t loved their baby boy options. But with a little scouring and some lucky finds on the clearance rack, I found him some absolutely adorable things for him to wear this winter!

And of course, as I mentioned in yesterday’s Arizona post, I found him some adorable bibs from Copper & Pearl, a cactus teething ring, and two metal cacti for his nursery at Joss + J.

They also have this marquee light that I want to order SO SO SO bad, but Jim says we have to have a budget meeting first before I can :p

Looking Forward To: We’re going to Kansas City this weekend for my Sister In Law’s elopement reception which should be a lot of fun AND the last trip we’re taking anywhere before baby boy. Exciting!

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  1. I’m so excited for the cactus theme! It’s going to look adorable. It was fun seeing the room progress in your stories the other day. That kimono is super cute! Also, already appointment every 2 weeks?! That’s a lot. Though most people seem to have more appointments than I ever did. Even having kids in two different countries, I never went down to weekly appointments and only had appointments every other week from 36 weeks on. It’s always interesting to me how much all that varies based on who you see.

  2. Love the kimono, and you’re almost in single digit week countdown! Crazy! So towards the end of my second pregnancy, my husband goes, hey if you gain 10 more pounds an I lost 5 pounds I would weigh less than you!…jerk, hehe. It never happened, he’s lucky.

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