14 Months Of Finn!

Our Mr. Finner is 14 months old! November has been such a crazy month that the 15th came and went and I’m just now sitting down to write about this sweet, sweet, sweet little boy. How did I get so lucky?

Sometimes I just look at his precious face and I thank God for giving him to us. I think about a world without him and I’m just so glad that everything in my life brought me to him, and him to us. Such a gift.

Finn’s 14th Month Stats!

Size: You know, I’m not sure! He has a check up next month so we’ll know more then! But, for now, he’s wearing 18 and 24m clothes, size 5 shoes (that he promptly takes off) and size 5 diapers (that I’m moving up to 6’s when we’re ready for the next box!)

Breastfeeding: Down to 1x a day, right before bed. I honestly don’t even know if he is getting anything anymore, I know it’s mostly for comfort.  I just don’t have it in me to be the one to initiate stopping that yet! So, we’ll keep it up until he tells me he is done or once we get through winter. Whichever comes first!

Eating: Some days he eats more than the girls, some days he decides to be picky and tries to throw it all at me. (Tonight at dinner I got hit in the head with flying taco meat while I was taking a bite. That was a first, lol. and actually a shockingly good throw)

He loves to eat peanut butter sandwiches, all fruit, cheese slices, chicken noodles, mac and cheese, LOVES pizza, sausage, eggs.

Oh! Funny story. I had left a bag of Cheetos (sue me) sitting in the middle of our dining room table and was in the kitchen doing something when I heard a crinkle of a bag. He had pulled a piece of paper, which pulled a book, which pulled another piece of paper, which pulled the Cheetos bag onto the floor. When I found him, he had two Cheetos in his mouth and a handful ready to go, with the bag between his legs. When I took the bag away and fished the chips out of his mouth- I have never, NEVER seen him pitch such a fit in all of his life. Actual screaming was involved. I couldn’t help but laugh- because it was hilarious!

Sleep: The king of sleep. God bless oils. He goes to bed around 630 and wakes up sometime shortly after 7. He takes two solid naps a day still. Bless up.

Loves: To be held. To snuggle. To play with his sisters toys. To snack. To point at allll the things. pointing is his jam.

Hates: Having his diaper changed. Being told no. Having Cheetos taken away. Being told he can’t throw his food. Pacifiers. LOVES his pacifiers.

Milestones: He is cruising everywhere and sometimes he “walks” on his knees. Actual walking is right around the corner! He has learned to go down the stairs correctly (backwards) and climbs up them lightning fast. He waves hello and goodbye, claps, high fives, and signs “all done” for “more” and “all done” so that’s always a fun thing to try and decipher.

Comparison Pictures!

This has been such a fun month with our sweet little boy- I can’t wait to see what this next month brings for him! Walking? Christmas! Grammy’s house! An airplane ride…..oh boy.

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  1. Finn is absolutely adorable ? Can I ask what oils you use for night time? My 3 yr old is not a good sleeper and would love some tips. I’ve tried lavender and it helped some at first but can’t really tell a difference anymore.

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