Maybe It’s Mabel E.

Oh Miss Mabel. Everyone just absolutely adores you. I don’t know if you remember, but when we chose her name, we settled on it because it meant, “loving and dear” and oh my goodness- does she ever encompass that meaning!

She’s silly and funny. Smart and quick. Sweeeetttt and kind. I mean, I’m totally biased but, she’s kind of thee best.

I wanted to put together a little post about the way that she says (or used to say, sadly) some of her words- so that I never forget them! These are the kinds of things that you think you’ll remember and then unfortunately, you don’t! So, I asked my Mom and Jim and Abigail (who came up with the most- of course she did. her memory is insane) and wrote down some of our favorite Mabelisms.

How she used to say all of our names:



MoMo- Mabel

Nana- Jim

Other favorites:

Gum Gums- M & M’s

Blub Blubs- Goldfish

Boom Booms- Storms/Thunder

Confuser- Diffuser

Woils- Oils

Geaze- Please

Capaus- Because

McOlDonald’s- McDonald’s

T T V- T.V.

Don dunts- Donuts

Sork and Sire- For a long time she couldn’t say her “F” sound, so she made a “S” sound instead.

“Mooommmm, Dadddd, I need to go pottttyyyyyy”- literally every single night, about an hour after we’ve left her room, we hear this sing songy tune from upstairs. Same way. Every night.

She also does other hilarious things like- has all of Abigail’s Classical Conversations memory work memorized, sings and quotes Daniel Tiger for every life situation, is shockingly good at playing the Nintendo 64 (and wants to be Bowser every time LOL), and is seriously just the sweetest, happiest, wonderful little girl.

We are so thankful for her! Sometimes I look at her and just think, how are you here? You’re really real? She’s just such a gift. Mabesy E.

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  1. She is just too much fun and I love to hear Mabel stories! And you are right…you won’t remember!! I had one who put a T in front of things starting with A and the one we always remember most because we went to Academy alot is he would always say “let’s go to Tacademy”. We still all say this!

  2. You are going to be so glad you documented these things!! I love making little notes of things Mason says/does and they are so fun to look back on! Mabel, you are just the cutest and every time I see a picture of you my heart smiles!

  3. She is adorable!! These are too cute!! For Bowen fee fee – gold fish, yum yum’s – M & M’s, ick donald’s -McDonalds. I love how it’s what they think it sounds like.

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