Mabel’s 3rd Birthday Wish List!

Happy May! It’s absolute insanity to me, but it is a sweet little someone’s birthday month! Mabel is turning THREE years old on the 16th and it positively blows my mind. She has grown and changed so much this year(I just got suckered into watching an hour of old Mabel videos yesterday so I really am feeling the difference today!!) and is such a fun, silly, sweet personality to be around.

We have such a busy month before her actual birthday, that we aren’t planning a big party this year. Just some family and some cake. And of course some presents!

I perused Target without her the other day and found so.many.things that I know she would just LOVE. Three is such a fun age. I know some people prefer other ages, but man, ages two and three are my JAM. I just love it.

Turning 3 for Mabel is the age of My Little Pony(Pinkie Pie is her very, very favorite!), Daniel Tiger, all things pink, stuffed animal babies(literally sleeps with 50 or so in her twin bed every night), baby dolls, and art(she could paint for days!) so I thought it would be fun to put together a little birthday wish list of things Mabel will love (and to help family out!)

Mabel’s 3rd Birthday Wish List:

My Little Pony:

After a brief perusal online, I found SO MANY things that she would love- I eventually had to stop myself, lol!

Sidenote: if you haven’t watched the MLP movie or listened to the soundtrack, you’re missing out! It’s actually surprisingly good! We alternate between MLP and Greatest Showman soundtrack listening, basically every day.


Barbies, Baby Dolls, and accessories. Mabel loves to take care of them!


I am officially having to designate a new wall in our sun room to Mabel and her art creations- she is painting and coloring up a storm these days, just like big sister! (Also, play-doh is totally her jam)

I’m hoping to do a fun little birthday quiz with her closer to her birthday and totally can’t wait to share more of her 3rd birthday fun later this month!

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  1. Sorry I am a little late, but Happy Belated Birthday to the birthday day girl. I am sure she had a happy, happy birthday. She is so cute, and has getting big.

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