3 Months Of Mabel!

Another month with our precious Mabesy girl! Month three has been the best yet- and as we’ve already learned from her big sis, it only gets better and better!
This month Mabel has continued to keep her title of the greatest baby ever ever. She’s laid back and happy. Smiley and sweet. Quiet and observant. Snuggly and loving. She’s just about the greatest thing since sliced bread. And I love my carbs.

I have no idea how big Mabel is now compared to last month, but since last month’s post she has graduated to size 2 diapers and fits solidly in 3-6 month clothes. I’ve also had to replace almost all of her hair bows thanks to her growin noggin. (As if I was even remotely sad about that one)

Just within the last few weeks we brought back the swaddlers and have started getting one 6-7 hour stretch a night, which is super exciting! Otherwise, she still nurses every 3 or so hours around the clock, with the occasional cluster feed or monster nap that makes her go longer.

I switched her to the “classic carry” in her Solly wrap this month and she LOVES it. She takes at least one, if not two huge naps in it every day. It’s a magic sleep wrap. I plop her in and out she goes. Fabulous.

I got one burst of giggles out of Miss Mabel this month. Her very first laugh! I was just kind of bouncing her, nothing revolutionary and out they came. With Abigail, I cried. With Mabel, I lost my breath. There is nothing like that first laugh. Since, I’ve tried to get her to come out with it but she’s keeping it under wraps for now.

She has started using her bumbo seat regularly and she adores it. She thinks she is so big and loves getting to sit up and hang out with big sis. (I have a post all about that coming up this week!)

Speaking of big sis…..

We have now officially graduated from “Mom? That girl be crazy.” to, total and complete adoration.

I was getting the stone face as I tried to take pictures for this monthly update, so I enlisted Abigail to help me get some smiles out of her. And boy did she ever!

Mabel is still in our room, sleeping in the rock n play right next to me. She grunts a bit to let me know when she wants to eat, nurses quickly and then I put her back down. We’ve got ourselves a pretty good middle of the night routine and I’m quickly blazing through Gilmore Girls because of it. Thanks, Mabel!

She loves her orange paci, the swaddle, bath time, her bumbo, patty cake, napping on her stomach(supervised of course), and her family unit. Mama, Daddy, and Abigail all light up her little world and it is absolutely precious. She can recognize and track all of us- which she does regularly.

Dislikes? Basically nothing. She has been having a few bouts of gas right before bedtime every night that results in quite a few tears- so I guess she doesn’t like that. But, who does?

Oh, sweet Mabesy! We love you so much. You are the sweetest little nugget ever and we just love having you in our family. You make our house so happy and we are loving getting to watch you grow and learn!

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  1. I'll be praying for you guys at night when my babe is struggling with those pesky gas pains too. They are definitely no fun. Happy 3 months Mabel.

  2. Courtney, she is adorable! Her smile kills me! What a little sweetheart you have. I love everything about this post. Keep enjoying those cuddles and baby wearing -it's the best!

  3. Such sweet pictures with big sister! I'm always paranoid Lily is way too rough with Ben but he seems to like it. Ha!

    So is the wrap your secret to finding down time for posts?! I feel like I've missed documenting so many family memories these last two months because things have just been cray 'round hurrrr. Ben went from sleeping & napping like a champ to clustering all night long (even during co sleeping) and not napping at all…which is likely the root of all evil. Oh and Lils chunked her naps too. I kind of enjoy the earlier bedtime though 😉

  4. I just LOVE her precious face! And those sweet smiles she is giving Abigail in those pictures? To die. There is nothing like that sister bond. Happy 3 months, sweet Mabel!:)

  5. How is it possible that three months has passed?! Make the time stop. For real.
    Everyone and their mother keeps talking of the solly wraps. I'm convinced we need one. Julia loves being held (LOVES), but momma needs her hands.
    I adore how the girls love each other. Best momma feeling, ever.

  6. How is this sweet babe already 3 months old?! Wasn't she just born last week?! Time is flying! And she sounds like such a dream baby! I hope my boy is the same way!!
    Your girls are the sweetest sisters ever!

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