3 Years Of Mabel!

Oh Miss Mabel! Today you are THREE YEARS OLD!

You are the sweetest, bubbliest, spunkiest, and silliest little girl ever ever ever.

You bring so much joy and happiness into our home every.single.day.

I have always believed that there is something so truly special about you and your little life. So many people have prayed for you, prayed over you, and waited for you. And now you are HERE and you’re AMAZING and we all love you SO VERY MUCH!

For your 3rd birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a birthday girl survey with you- just like I did with Abigail on her 3rd birthday!

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Animal: Tempest The Unicorn

Favorite Book: “The Brown Bear Book With The Stinky Skunk” aka Baby Bear, What Do You See?

Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony

Favorite Movie: Greatest Showman

Favorite Song: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Favorite Breakfast: Pancakes

Favorite Snack: Candy- specifically M&M’s (this time last year she still called them “gum gums”)

Favorite Game: Daniel Tiger App

Favorite Outfit: Dresses

Favorite Thing To Do: Play With Toys

Favorite Thing Outside: Play In The Treehouse

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Who Do You Like To Have In Bed At Night? My babies! Pinkie Pie and Waffles and Pinkalicious

Favorite Place To Go: Kansas City! (because of Grandma Jenny’s house)

Favorite Restaurant: McOlDonalds

This year was the year of big, BIG changes for Mabel girl. The biggest being, the transition from baby to middle and little to big sister. But also, moving to a big girl bed, getting rid of beloved pacifiers, potty training, and learning to converse a mile a minute(gotta keep up with Sissy!)

Your little personality shines so bright- everyone can see it! You are neat and orderly, picking up after yourself and never making a big mess. You are our family comedian, with impeccable timing for funny faces, silly voices, and hilarious jokes. Even though you talk constantly, you still say “capaus” instead of “because” and I think we will all call McDonalds “McOldonalds” for the rest of days because of you, Mabel girl.

You fully live up to your name, “loving and dear” and you were worth every.single.second.minute.hour.day.month.year. that we waited for you.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mabel Elizabeth. You are so loved.

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  1. sweet girl!!!! i love her spirit!! i love how you can tell she has such a sense of humor, even through photos. and YAY pink!!! my fav color too, girlfriend! happy 3, little lady!!

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