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Daddy Daughter Date Night

Every year our local Chick Fil A hosts a Daddy Daughter Date Night(they host TONS of other fun nights as well, but since our family has…you know, a daddy and daughters, this one is particularly fun for us!). Two years ago Jim took Abigail for the very first time and it was SO special. You can read that blog post HERE(and seriously shed a tear over little Abigail).

So when I was driving down Rangeline last week and noticed that they had scheduled their Daddy/Daughter night for this Monday I was sure to text Jim about it right away so that he could plan to take the girls(!!)

As soon as I got his “headed home” text, the girls started getting ready for their big date night out with Daddy. Abigail hand selected her and Mabel’s outfits. She wanted Mabel to be really beautiful and fancy, even though she opted for a more casual look for herself 😉

Jim walked in the door, scooped up the girls, and off they went for a fun hour or so date with their Daddy!

Jim said that the place was absolutely packed and that when they pulled into the parking lot(and managed to snag a spot right by the entrance!) he noticed Dad’s and daughters leaving with to go bags. He thought, “uh oh!” but when they walked in, a worker was just cleaning down a table so he was able to grab it! Yay! It all worked out so perfectly.

They said that they had live music playing, the workers were dressed up in formal wear, and they were walking around passing out paper fans for the girls and had ice cream cups and peppermint milk shakes being passed out on trays by servers. Such a to do!
And the Mabel. Miss Mabel.
Jim made me laugh so hard because he said that she ate so much food he should have bought her her own combo!
I think the next series of photos could be titled: Mabel Eats A French Fry For The First Time

I’m not usually one to share kids eating food pictures, because, ew. But OH MY WORD I die from every single one of these pictures.

I told Jim that I’ve never been this happy about anything in my life, lol! He said that she was just going nuts. Squealing and so, so happy.

I just absolutely love that he was willing to take our girls out to something special like this- and to document it so well for me! I was going to just share a photo or two, but he got so many that I love, I knew that I would have to blog about it!

And that’s that for this year’s CFA Daddy Daughter Date Night,..until next year!

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  1. Mabel girl, I make the same faces about french fries. What a hubby for taking such great pictures & to document this special date with two of his best girls. Abigail did great choosing their outfits, too! 🙂 You have a beautiful family!

  2. OMG! Miss M and that French Fry is the cutest thing ever! And big sis was so sweet to dress little sis so pretty! Love this and will have to check our area for similar events!

  3. And special seahorse makes an appearance.
    That is SO cool. We don't have a CFA anywhere us so meh. Like I even thought it was called Chuck Fill A instead of chic-fillet. Yep. But that is awesome. I remember when I was young that on our 8th birthday my dad took us tow daughters -or each of us on our own- to the fanciest restaurant for a lunch date. I wore a dark blue jeans mini, and a white splatter paint side tied. Product of the 80s. But either way your kiddos will grow to cherish those moments.

  4. Oh, goodness! This is too precious! What a fun thing for him to do with the girls. And Mabel's face over those french fires. I die. Also, I love that Abigail picked out a pretty outfit for Mabel – too cute! 🙂

  5. Such sweet photos! Looks like everyone had a great time <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

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