The Kitchen Island

I’ve had quite a few comments and questions about our most recent addition to our kitchen, so I thought it would be a fun post topic to show off some pictures and talk about it!
When we first bought this house it had a big chandelier hanging right in front of the window. (In the listing for this house, they had a table and chairs here and described it as an “eat in kitchen”) But after many, many hits to the head we quickly changed out the big light for a much smaller(and easier on the head) school house light fixture.

When I hosted the ladies wine and cheese night a few weeks ago a few of the girls mentioned that they thought my kitchen was way smaller than it looked in the pictures I have posted. So, I guess I should disclose that my pictures make the space look larger than it actually is?

It’s a pretty small space and definitely not big enough to qualify as an eat in kitchen.
Someday I would like to put a farmhouse table + bench + lots of chairs in our dining room and we’ll need someplace for our current table and chairs- and some people have mentioned putting it in the kitchen, but, as I said, it is way WAY too small for something like that.
Particularly when you consider that the side door is our main entrance and exit for the house. We use it for everything, so it can’t be cluttered and filled up with lots of chairs and extra furniture.
Okay, so there’s a picture of that glorious light that we all hit our heads on regularly. (And the refrigerator that died the day after we moved in. Nope….not bitter about that one….)
Anyway, after spending some time in the space, even though it is smallish, we really felt like we needed something else in the kitchen. It was just a big open space that was crying out for some warmth and design.
We deliberated over an entry way/mud room type look and we considered building something underneath the window, but ultimately, we opted for a kitchen island.

We had these awesome bar stools from our last kitchen just sitting and collecting dust in the basement, so we were really happy to get to bring those up for use again!

And, as much as I love my new kitchen, I was totally missing the warmth of the butcher block counters that we had. This island definitely scratches that itch!

We haven’t sealed it yet, though we will at some point just like we did at our last house so that it is water repellent. And no, we don’t use it like a cutting board- we have actual cutting boards that we use for that! But otherwise, it is totally functional and wonderful.

Abigail absolutely loves it and eats breakfast and lunch there every single day now. I love that we have a place for people to sit in the kitchen now while I’m working and more work space is never a bad thing!

It has made a great drink station for parties, a place to set our things when we first come in the door, and adds that blend of farmhouse + industrial that we just love!

I need to figure out what I want to put on the cool shelves on the side with the dishwasher- though part of me thinks that that is completely futile since Mabel will be crawling any day and then nothing below waist level will be safe anymore!

But yeah, we love how our kitchen is coming along! We still have a few more projects lined up for in here(that hopefully we’ll be getting to relatively soon!) but really, there isn’t much left that we want/need to change. And that makes me a happy lady/part time chef!

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  1. Oooh, I love the look! and if you look at the 3rd pic in the lower left corner it appears there is a counter top so it does appear a lot bigger than it seems, oh well, the rest of the house rocks it socks off so, go you

  2. I love that island! What a great idea! Better than a table, cute, and functional! If only my kitchen was big enough to accommodate an island like that, I'd be getting one today if I could. You've made your kitchen look so homey and inviting and spacious – even though it's pretty small. Cute cute.

  3. i absolutely adore that kitchen island. i didn't know you had to seal the butcher block, though i wouldn't use it as a cutting board either (thats kinda weird). i think last time (only time in this country lol) i was in ikea i saw that island in their 'as is' type area, and i almost bought it. it was like $300 so not super cheap (cheaper than $400) but i didn't have anywhere to put it so i refrained. so pretty though!

  4. I just ordered one of those lights for Ellie's bathroom and I'm going to see if it's too big for all the hallway lights I want to replace….

    I am loving this new addition and maybe you can put some non breakable mixing bowls on the shelves?? Can't wait to see what else you have in the works for this space!

    Oh and that wreath probably needs to find its way to my house! 😉

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