The Throw Pillow Cover Shopping Tip You HAVE To Know

I was on Instagram recently when a home decor account that I follow(I wish I could remember exactly who it was, but I don’t!) mentioned that she loves to order pillow covers and pillows on Amazon. I was shocked at this revelation, because as often as I order things from Amazon, when it comes to home decor things, it is definitely not one of the first places that I think to check.

So off I headed out to the good ol to see what they had to offer. And y’all. Oh my goodness. SO MUCH CUTE AND INSANELY CHEAP STUFF.

I instantly threw a handful of pillow covers and inserts into my cart, along with one not as cheap “Our Nest” pillow(but it was SO cute, I just HAD to).

IMG_2664 IMG_2665
Fast forward to a day or two later- because, free prime shipping. Holla! I posted about my recent pillow additions to Snapchat and was inundated with questions and comments about my Amazon discovery. So, here I am, sharing what I found!
IMG_2667 IMG_2669 IMG_2671 IMG_2677

I’m definitely no home decor expert. But, this is my living room and I like to make it pretty. If I can do that for a few dollars, well then, I’m a happy lady. I already had a couple pillows that were the right size, so I tossed my new covers on and my living room was instantly refreshed and spruced up.

Below I’ve put together a graphic and links to some of the cutest covers I found(and bought!) that are ALL $5 OR LESS. That tribal pillow? $2.71. Yes. TWO DOLLARS and SEVENTY ONE CENTS. With free shipping. I MEAN.

So, get yourself out to!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
And just in case you’re curious, my other throw pillows came from Ikea. My other living room shopping mecca.

Have you ever purchased home decor from Amazon before? What do you like to buy there?


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  1. LOVE the throw pillows in your living room! Amazon really does have great covers – I’ve found so many super cheap ones that I want to buy. But I can never seem to find the right pillow inserts for them. Where do you get yours?

  2. Time. Out. Your governor singed a bill that doesn’t allow you to be an Amazon affiliate? WHY?! I seriously do not understand.
    In other news – SERIOUSLY cannot buy fabric for $2.71 and make a cover. Amazing. And, come decorate my space (all of it). Please.

  3. Okay. Explain the governor thing please. What?

    Secondly, thank you for this post! Thirdly, I’m having Luke contact you if I blow my budget on amazon. Haha! 😉

  4. I have the “You are my sunshine” one and I love it! I was really happy with the quality too! I’m glad you posted this; I just ordered two for my new baby’s nursery! 🙂

  5. I saw those on Amazon not long ago too…. and yeah I have less than nice words to say about that dumb bill.

  6. Ummmm, this is the best thing ever. Thank you so much!! I have been looking for amazing covers lately and haven’t been able to find anything!

  7. That’s so funny you posted this because I was just on Amazon the other day and some popped up as recommended for me and I thought the same thing! Here? On Amazon? No way!! I love them and am definitely going to have to get some soon. Awesome for throw pillow addicts like myself 😉

  8. Whoa! Those are cheap! I will keep that in mind if my husband ever lets me buy throw pillows. He HATES them and they just get tossed to the floor!
    No affiliate links, huh? I had no idea!

  9. I am in love with all of these options!!! Who even thought to check Amazon?! Mind blown. Your bicycle pillowcase is adorable!

  10. yesss!!! i’m so glad you posted this because i remember seeing it on snapchat but i was like okay kristen you don’t need any pillows or covers lol. but i’m saving this for next time i do!

  11. Thanks for sharing this! I love the dandelion pillow! Your living room looks so warm, cozy, and inviting!

  12. What a great find! I saw these on snapchat too and I love how changing pillows can refresh a room. Definitely will keep Amazon in mind. And isn’t 2 day shipping the best thing ever??

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