Beautiful Christmas Stocking Options

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Christmas holds so many traditions in our family. There is just something so nostalgic about opening the very same box of decor year after year and revisiting memories from previous Christmases!

Last year was our very first Christmas with a fireplace to hang stockings over- which was SO very exciting! But, now I need to add a 5th Christmas stocking for little Finn and the beautiful Christmas stockings I purchased last year are all sold out.

So, this year I get to update the style of our stockings! I’m trying to decide whether to go with five matching beautiful Christmas stockings or five unique options. I am typically drawn to classic stockings that you can use over and over again but also love the more modern and unexpected stockings too!

Which style is your favorite?

Do you prefer traditional holiday decor, something new and trendy, or incorporating a little bit of both?

And don’t forget the stocking holders as well! We have little hooks hanging under our mantle, but if we didn’t I’d be all over these options!

Shop my favorite beautiful Christmas stockings right here!

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  1. I made a huge mistake last year and bought ugly stockings for everyone. I honestly didn’t know they were ugly at the time. We had been using random old ones for the kids for years and last year I bought solid knitted ones with the first letter of their name. I thought they would be timeless. Turns out they are ugly. I wish you would have posted this last year. Then again the reason i ended up with the ugly ones is they were less than $10 a piece because I was too cheap to buy the better ones. Lesson learned.

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