Entry Way Light Options

As you all know, we absolutely love love love our new house. Well, our new to us house. I suppose a home built before WWII ended doesn’t quite qualify as new. But, I digress. We love our home so much, but there are so many things about it that we want to change and update. One of those things are light fixtures. We’ve slowly and surely been making our way through the house changing out super old lights and updating them to fixtures that are more our style or fit better with the direction we’re going. Which brings us to, our entry way light.

Home EntryHere is a picture of our entry(and you can see a teensy peek of the old light at the top of the photo!)

Home Entrance Light
I actually didn’t have a problem with the original light. It’s kind of quirky and unique and fun in it’s own way. But, it was actually too large(long? big?) for the space. Jim is 5 10ish and barely cleared the bottom of the light. Someone like my Dad(who is 6 3) would definitely hit their head on it walking into our house. That’s not good!

Entry Way
Another shot of our old entry light here. From the stairs you can see the top of the light.
Home Entry Light
Back in February Jim installed this light for me. I picked it out from Home Depot online and he put it up while I was gone for the weekend. And when I came back….ehhhhhh. Not as great as I was hoping. I love the idea of the drum shade, but this particular light has that weird plastic piece that goes on the bottom and it uses a special light bulb that gives off this awful almost fluorescent glow when you turn it on.

So basically ever since that day I have been on the hunt for a new entry way light. The trouble is, our entry way is SO tricky! When you look for inspiration on Pinterest, most entry way lights are vaulted ceilings. Those big cage/lantern lights are super popular right now. Obviously, that won’t work in our space. Our ceilings are low for an entry.

Another problem is that a lot of popular lights right now use edison bulbs. Which, are super cute and cool. I love the look of them. Unfortunately, they are super dim. And, in an entry? I feel like you need more brightness than that.

I’m left looking for a semi flush mount light, in a bronze finish, that doesn’t use one Edison bulb, that has a farmhouse/rustic/industrial feel to it, and doesn’t cost a billion dollars.

I finally found this light:


And fell head over heels in love with it.

Unfortunately for me, apparently everyone else did too. Because it is sold out everywhereeeeee.

Honestly, I consider it my spiritual gift to fall in love with anything that is sold out. I have a knack.

So here are a few other options that I’ve found and am considering. Do you think I’m headed in the right direction? Which one do you think is the best?

Entry Way Light Options

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Clearly, I need assistance! Which light should I choose? Or do you have a better suggestion for me? I’m all ears!

If you want to see more of my inspiration for this space, you can check out my Pinterest board!


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  1. Honestly they all speak to me, but I love the second one. It looks kind of like the original light but more updated. I didn’t click through the links, but I’ll warn you that it’s probably the most expensive…that’s my spiritual gift.

  2. I LOVE LIGHTING. It’s been my favorite thing to pick out for all our renovation! So if you want more light pick one of the ones where the bulbs are facing down- otherwise they’re casting light UP onto the ceiling and you’ll get dingy!

  3. Architecturally I think the 5th (if you start at the upper left as 1 and 4 is bottom left) light goes best. I know the wooden light chandeliers are all the rage right now but I don’t see the fad lasting forever and it’s better to buy timeless pieces for lighting. I do also like 4 but I am not sure it’s architecturally at the same speed as the house. I am a nerd like this. I studied it long enough and my house is such an eclectic mix that if a home is actually architectural versus manufactured it’s cool to mix good “original” items with more modern accents. In my opinion 😉

  4. I think I like top middle the best. I actually bought a similar light from the one you hate from Home Depot for our extra room… it has a plastic bottom piece too that I’m not a huge fan of, but it definitely works for now and is WAY better than the light we had in there originally so I’m okay with it for now.

  5. Love this! Ok, so crazy I picked that exact light for our bathroom. We were planning on getting it next. We have two lights in the room. I ended up getting one very similar to number 5 and but it’s a tad different. I’ll send you the link if you want. I think it was a bit cheaper. And we plan on using number 5 in the hallways! We are totally on the same page! Love it! Your house looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more!

  6. I am having this same problem! Our entry way is very long and narrow so I have to get one light fixture that puts light throughout it all and I cannot find one I love! If I had a smaller entry way, I’d for sure go with #3 – love that one! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

  7. Bummer the one you want is out of stock! Boo. I love the top two options on the right though!

  8. I love your home, too! It’s amazing how much a simple light fixture can change a room, or spruce it up. I love that light option (sold out one), but I also love the one directly on top of it (#3).

  9. I love that light you found and that totally sucks that it’s sold out. I have that kind of luck, too. I really like the third light on your option list as well!

  10. ooooooh i love all of them. of course, my favourite is the one that is sold out haha. then the 1st one next. super cute. you have fabulous style!

  11. Your house is beautiful!!! I prefer older homes with character!
    I really like the second and third light fixtures in the top row. I’m sure it will look great no matter what you choose!

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