11 Months Of Mabel!

Miss Mabel is 11 months old! At the end of Mabel’s 10 month post I said that maybe month 11 would hold some crawling? Just maybe?

And yeah, that still hasn’t happened. But! This girl is so.close. I can just see it.

This month has been so wonderful. Mabel is growing and changing and learning every day. Her fun and sweet and observant personality just continues to shine through. Here is what she has been up to this month!

Size: I’m not sure on her size. A few weeks ago when we were at the pediatrician for her very first ear infection(sad!) she was 19 lb 2 oz. So, she is somewhere in the 19’s. She is wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 3 shoes. This month was the first month where she has officially outgrown all of Abigail’s hand me downs. Their seasons have never really synced up, but I was able to make some things work. But now? All new clothes for this little baby!

Eating: Mabel is eating tons of table food! Her most favorite are….puffs. She can’t get enough of them. Though, this last weekend when we visited my grandparents in Florida she discovered the awe and wonder of Honey Nut Cheerios and she asked for those instead of her beloved puffs!

Other favorites are hamburger/beef, ham lunch meat, bread(and more bread), mandarin oranges, sausage, and pepperoni pizza.

We are still nursing all throughout the day. It varies on what we have going on, but she typically nurses every three hours throughout the day and a few times throughout the night.

Sleep: Who knows with this girl! It’s so sporadic. She takes two solid naps a day(unless we’re out and about, then it is usually a wrap/car nap in the morning and then a long crib nap in the afternoon) and goes to bed around 7pm. I’ve worked hard to push this girl into the 7 o’clock hour for sleep. She just can’t hang at night!

Anyway, she usually wakes up in the 11 o’clock hour, again around 2 or 3, and *sometimes* around 5. She usually is up for the day in the 7 o’clock hour.
She still has ZERO teeth! Teeth? Where are you??

Her eyes are getting darker and look like they will definitely be brown. Sometimes if she wears green they look greenish, but I’m pretty convinced that they are going to be brown like mine!
Mabel has started communicating more with us this month! She signs “milk”, “More, please”, “all done”, waves hello and goodbye, and claps her hands. She still loves to do “so big!” and “if you’re happy and you know it”. She also knows where her head is and will point to it when you ask her.

She uses the “milk” sign as her universal “I want something” sign. We can figure out what it is because once we land on it she’ll start signing “more, please”.
She has started giving kisses this month. If you ask her “Mabel, can I have a kiss?” she’ll either lean her head in so you can kiss her, or she’ll give you a sloppy open mouth smooch. Both are equally fantastic!
This month we have finally switched from the Solly Baby Wrap to the Ergo baby carrier. Mabel still loves to baby wear! She snuggles right in and is happy to be toted around everywhere, but the Ergo has been working much better now that she is so much bigger and squirmier!
Movement: Oh, that movement! For the last month Mabel has been sliding around in a sitting position on our wood floors and stretchhhhhhhing as far as she can for the things that she wants. She has also been a rolling machine. No more leaving her solo on the bed anymore! She will flop back and roll all around. But just recently she is FINALLY figuring out how to get her legs under her to be able to start ACTUALLY crawling. I can’t believe it!

She is also bearing weight super well. She is really strong when she stands! I can put her up against a table or ottoman and she can hang out there for a long time. She has also really started liking holding onto your fingers while standing. So, maybe she’ll just kind of bypass crawling and go to cruising and walking?? Who knows! She still isn’t pulling up or anything like that, so we’ll see what she ends up motivating herself to do.
Loves: Her pacifier, musical giraffe, big sister, Mom and Dad, puffs, BREAD, Sophie the Giraffe, her Lucy itty bitty, bath time, and nursing.
Dislikes: Sleeping anywhere besides her own bed in her own room. Avocados. Having to wait for puff replenishment.

Oh Miss Mabel Elizabeth. We love you so, so much. I can’t believe that this is your last month update before you are an ENTIRE YEAR OLD! How did that happen? Watching you grow and learn and change each month has been the most amazing gift. We did not think we would ever get to have you, and now that we do? It is more wonderful that we ever could have dreamed. You are exactly why we never stopped hoping for you, because we knew that you could be this amazing. And you are. Happy 11 months, sweet girl.


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  1. Her smile is seriously the best! Such a happy, smiley little thing. Liam for the most part never crawled and went straight to walking instead, so go Mabel go!

  2. Yay for kisses!! She is just the cutest! Sounds like her and Logan have similar tastes in food too. He is all about the mandarin oranges!

  3. Eleven months. Blows my mind.
    Mabel must be the most relaxed baby, ever. I love it.
    Those smooches sound wonderful. I’m eagerly awaiting the day we start receiving kisses from Julia.
    Happy 11 Months, Mabel!

  4. The Puffs! What is it about those that babies love? Oliver would eat only Puffs if I let him! She is just such a little sweetie!

  5. Seriously, 11 months?! Every month Im shocked at how fast she’s growing! Girlfriend totally knows how to charm the camera.

  6. My son didn’t get his first tooth until he was 11 months old. We’ve taught him to sign “more” “please” “thank you” “help” and “sorry” and he uses more as the universal “I want something” sign, too!

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