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Happy “Valentime’s” Day!

I had every intention of getting this post up earlier in the week, but as you may(or may not) have noticed, I am in the process of switching over my domain name and it is currently a HOT MESS. Because of this, I didn’t really feel like publishing posts that NO ONE was going to see. Because, while yes, I do blog for myself. I also actually like it when others can read what I spend time writing.
Anyway, for now, my new domain is working(minus my tags and search function blergggg) but within a few days my old address should be forwarding here and everything will be back to normal(please please please)
Okay! Onward and upward.
Valentine’s Weekend. Or, as Abigail still says “Valentime’s” It has evolved from Balentime’s, so progress! The party all started on Friday afternoon when I took the girls to our very first homeschool skate. Abigail got roller blades for Christmas and has been practicing in our basement ever since. So this was her first time to really try them out.
Mabel wasn’t planning on skating, but she had to look festive and cute anyway 😉

Abigail was AMAZING. Seriously, I was so proud. She started off holding her friends hands but after she warmed up a bit she was off by herself. Round and round the rink.

Also, I just really want to mention that since this was “homeschool skate” I think the roller rink really amps it up with the old playlist. I mean, you don’t get to roller blade to “God Bless The USA” and “Celebrate, Jesus Celebrate!” any old day. lolol.

They gave her a ring pop just because it was close to Valentine’s Day and when we got in the car afterwards Abigail loudly proclaimed, “Mom, that was sooo awesome!!” So we’re definitely going to go back again soon!

We raced home and got the house ready because I was hosting ladies fellowship at our house that night! Wine and cheese night, holla!

How adorable is Mabel’s bow?! Sweet Lyna sent both girls a bunch of her awesome new bows from Cammi And Co. to try out and we are LOVING them. Mabel has been wearing one every single day since they arrived. I mean, they’re pink, purple, and white- how could you not?!
On Saturday night we gave Abigail the movie “Aladdin” as a Valentine’s gift.
Really, I’d just picked it up before it goes back into the vault, but we figured we could call it a V day gift for fun. We watched it on Jim’s projector, ate popcorn, drank wine(just me!), and had a super fun little party together.

On Sunday morning we made sure to bust out allll our pink, purple, and red for the big V day.

And I had to make sure to wear my red Charming Charlie’s flats that I break out every 4th of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Ha!

On Sunday we kept it low key. Jim surprised all of us with small little things he thought we would like. Starbucks for me, a balloon for Mabel, a chocolate rose for Abigail…..oh and a ridiculous farting card.

He knew she would love it. And he was right, she surely did.

Oh, and he hung up my living room “curtains”! (Two panels of linen fabric clipped into curtain rings. Winning!)

It was really simple and sweet and an all around great Valentine’s Day.

And just in case you missed this gem on social media earlier in the week. Here is the glory that was Jim and my very first Valentine’s Day together back in 2004. Oof. And lol.

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