9 Months Of Mabel!

Nine months, sweet baby girl! I can’t believe it. I feel like we’re really in the downhill slide to the big O-N-E now. Lots of big girl things are starting to happen over here and I’m simultaneously loving and hating it. I can’t get over how much faster the time is going this time around. I mean, I remember time passing quickly with Abigail, but I don’t remember it passing THIS quickly.

When Abigail turned 9 months old my cycle returned and we immediately started trying for baby #2. And we all know how that ended up going…..over three years later, two pink lines finally showed up, and they were Miss Mabel! I can’t believe that she is already the same age that Abigail was. (And at the risk of TMI, but if you’re curious- still no return of any woman business yet)

So with that lovely introduction, let’s talk about what Miss Mabel has been up to this month!

At her well check yesterday she weighed in at 18 lb 12 oz, 27.5 inches long, and a mysterious head circumference. But she was basically in the 50-60% range all around. She’s still in size 4 diapers and we’ve started phasing into 12-18 month clothes. Depending on the brand and whether it is a hand me down or not! She fits in some of Abigail’s clothes that I know she wore when she was wayyyy older, but they fit Mabel great now, so whatever.

So basically her dresser is a hot mess filled with all different sizes, but I’m trying to keep it *sorta* organized.

She’s still nursing around 7 times in a 24 hour period. Usually around every 3 hours or so. She’s still a quick eater! She does well staying focused and doesn’t distract super easily when she is nursing, but she has started to get SUPER impatient waiting for let down. She’s just ready to get to business!

In other food news, we’ve started Mabel on baby led weaning and it is going great! She was kind of dramatic at first, especially as she was navigating and learning her gag reflex. But now she’s an all star eater! She really loves food with flavor and her least favorite foods(applesauce, bananas, and avocado) are really bland. She is all about beans(she LOVED chili), eggs, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, berries, corn, steamed broccoli, chicken noodles, and basically anything that we’re eating whenever we’re eating it! It has been a lot of fun and we’re all having fun watching her be a big girl and feed herself.

Miss Mabel still isn’t really sleeping through the night- she goes to bed EARLY. Girl can’t hang. She usually goes down around 6:30, then wakes up to eat around 10/11, then again around 2/3, then again around 6, and then gets up for the day sometime in the 7 o’clock hour.

She takes two naps a day typically, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They’re usually somewhere between 1-2 hours each.

No complaints here though! She’s the sweetness.

I love this picture! She sits like this ALL the time. Those crossed little feet kill me!

Still no signs of movement from Miss Mabel. Other than super stretching/reaching skills. She will lean and lean and leannnnnn for something that she wants but if she can’t reach it then meh. She’s over it, lol.

Though! Recently she has gotten clever and will figure out how to pull things to herself. The other day we were on Abigail’s bed and she pulled blankets to her until the toys were within her reach. hilarious.

She has started to scoot a little, but when I say a little, I mean A LITTLE. Basically, she just sits.

Mabel has started signing “milk” this month! It is precious. And kind of constant. Every time I get her up from bed and every night when I lay her on her changing pad to get her ready for bed, the hands get going! ha!

She has also started waving “hi” and “bye” more consistently. So fun!

Also still ZERO teeth! Is she teething? I have no idea. I thought she was and then she wasn’t. So, probably not? Though, she has to sometime, right? No clue.

This month Mabel made two trips to Kansas City, stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, took a trip to Ikea, enjoyed her baby swing outside, played with her sister(and her toys!), and went to the Mops and church nurseries for the first time.

Oh yeah! And one other big thing from this month is we integrated two other pacifier colors this month. Her orange paci isn’t the one and only now. She also has pink and purple in the rotation now- ha!

Even though this little girl is growing a mile a minute, learning new things every day, and starting to get more and more active, she is still the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest, most wonderful little girl ever. We are so, SO thankful for the 9 months we have had with her and just can’t wait to keep watching Mabel grow and change!

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  1. The 15 month old that I nanny took forever to get her first tooth and subsequent ones are also taking their time! I guess they are all different 🙂

    Mabel is pretty adorable!! Love her serious face!

  2. First off, I love her little bow! Secondly, love the legs crossed picture. Too much cute. R gets impatient waiting for her letdown also, so I can only imagine it getting worse as she gets older!

  3. Those crossed legs! <3 I'm really tempted to do baby led weaning with our 8 month old because she seems SO interested in our food and seems to not enjoy her purées as much. Miss Mabel being able to do it makes me think my little Cammi would enjoy it too!

  4. I don't know how I missed this, but I love it!! LOVE her crossed legs and that she's eating so much with no teeth!! Those cheeks kill me…I definitely wouldn't be mad about nursing her 7 times in a day!! xo

  5. Okay, just realized I missed tons of your posts… Mane because of the domain name change? Which btw, how did you make sure you all pins, etc forwarded? Also, no cycle return here either. I didn't get back until 18 months with Liam so I'm expecting something similar. Conor is ready to start trying for another for I want to wait so it's probably a good thing for now. And sleep, Finn & Mabel are so similar. The early bedtime kills me! And kills dinner too! I'm hoping he can stay up until 8 once the time change hits.

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