8 Months Of Finn!

Can you believe it? I can’t! Finn is 8 months old!

I had myself a good laugh because I took a look at Mabel’s 8 month update for comparisons sake, and I could literally copy and paste her entire update for Finn. They’re basically the exact same baby. Exact. Same. (which is to say, the sweetest, happiest, most wonderful babies EVER!)

Of course, right before I was going to take his pictures, he scratched himself on the forehead. Classic! I was going to edit it out but then decided against it. I kind of like the crazy, disheveled hair, scratched forehead, spit up on his clothes look 😉

Size: Not totally sure how big he is, we’ll find out at his 9 month old check up next month! But, he’s moving up into his next size clothes and filling out his diapers nicely. His feet have also had a growth spurt! Finn is wearing 12-18 month clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 3 shoes.

Breastfeeding: Still going strong! We nurse every 3 hours during the day and a few times through the night. He’s super efficient, so it doesn’t take long. Maybe 5-10 minutes? He seems to be getting everything that he needs though- look at those wrists!

Eating: We’re doing solid foods at least once, sometimes twice a day! He has yet to meet a food that he doesn’t like. Some favorites so far are bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Oh yeah, and puffs! Little dude loves himself some puffs. He went from one day learning how to feed them to himself to me having to limit him to one puff at a time because otherwise he’ll stuff them all in his mouth asap.

Sleep: Oh sleep…..Finn is napping great in his crib! He takes 3 naps a day if we’re at home, 2 if we’ve been out and about.

He can’t hang at night, so we usually start his bedtime routine a little after 6. Then he usually wakes up around midnight and then another time(or two) before starting our day in the 7 o’clock hour. <— that’s what is normal for Finn. At the time of me writing this, he has been going through a growth spurt?? teething?? and has me up to “eat” every 2 hours all night.

Loves: Basically everything! His sisters, his paci, bath time, eating time, nursing, playing, rolling around in his stroller. You name it, he’s happy about it.

Hates: Waiting for let down(while nursing), still yells at me literally every time I switch sides(while nursing), getting buckled into his car seat. Also 100% refuses to roll over (even though he can) he just plants his face into the ground and yells about it.

Places He Has Been: We took an epic family vacation this month! Finn made it to Carrollton, Georgia, Orlando, Florida, Disney World!, Gatlinburg, TN, and all of the states in between(mostly various McDonald’s and Chick Fil A locations)

Milestones: Sitting up like a champ, finally not tipping over when he does it so he can happily sit and play. Hooray! Clapping and babbling- mostly “ba ba ba ba” still no “mama” even though I’m trying! Still refusing to roll anywhere- and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near crawling. Fine by me!

Looks Like: I still think he looks so much like baby Abigail! But, this month, I can finally say that I see some more Mabel in there too.

Comparison Pictures!

Happy 8 Months, Finn! We love you, little boy!

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  1. What a sweet boy! Kane can go 4 hours between nursing the day, but apparently wants to wake up every 10 minutes at night. We are in a real rough patch right now! And enjoy that sitting non mobile baby!!!!

  2. Awwww, what a cute baby boy you have here. He has gotten to be such a big boy. Before long, he will be leading the pack. You guys make pretty babies.

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