Meeting Baby Finn

We had such a short and sweet hospital stay this time around! It was great.

I went into labor at 7am on Friday, September 15th(I promise a birth story is coming soon!) and Finn was born at 2:09pm the same day! Jim and my Mom were with me the entire time and the rest of the grandparents and the girls came up to the hospital for a short visit a few hours later!

My Mom and her first grandson!

My Dad and Finn!

The guys! (My Dad, Finn, Jim, Jim’s Dad)

Mabel was pretty enthralled with my giant water cup and straw 😉

Somehow Jim sensed I was sneaking a sleeping Dad photo so he gave me a quick smile just as I was snapping it. ha!

Mabel needed her own diaper changed while she was visiting… Definitely a different parenting experience this time around compared to last time with Abigail!

The girls were also really excited about the pantry across the hall and each had a cup of jello.

Jim’s parents stopped by on their way to their lake house for a quick visit. This is their second grandson and 6th grandchild(and #7 is currently on the way!)

Mabel was AMAZING. I had no idea how things would go with her but she was SO excited to meet Finn and was sooo ready to hold him. She plopped right down with her little arms out and asked to hold him….and then didn’t want to share him! She was WAY less than pleased to give him up for other people to have turns and quickly wanted him back!

My parents and the girls also came by with a donut and coffee delivery Saturday morning for a quick visit to see baby brother one more time before we came home.

It was a total circus! But the very best kind of circus- MY circus 🙂

We had our photographer come before the girls arrived to take some pictures of Finn and us together and I really wanted her to capture them meeting him for the very first time. Which she did! These are just a sneak peek that she got to me SUPER quickly(which I so, so appreciate!) and I can’t wait to see the rest.

I can’t believe we have a third hospital stay under our belts. A third child, a first son. We are so blessed and so happy.

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  1. So sweet!! Love that you got to head home quickly. Mabel is so dang sweet… stealing drinks, baby hogging and rocking her big sister job. Abigail’s party hat is amazing. You can just feel the excitement in the room through your pics.

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