Coming Home

Since I was (thankfully!!) Group B negative and because I am on baby number 3, we acquired ourselves a nice and short hospital stay this time around!

We had to stay an entire extra day with Mabel because she didn’t get the full amount of antibiotics for Group B, so to only stay for 24 hours or so made our hospital stay this time around feel extremely short!

We checked in around 8:30 am on September 15th and were out of there by 4pm on the 16th!

Abigail helped me pick out Finn’s coming home outfit and it was absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, it was also like 95 degrees outside so it wasn’t exactly seasonally appropriate, but that’s what you get with September in Missouri!

MY coming home outfit was kind of a hot mess. I had been wearing a gray nursing tank, but while Jim was taking everything out to the car Finn peed out of his diaper and alllll over my tank top. So I had to wear Jim’s beater tank under my (as previously mentioned, seasonally inappropriate) sweater/kimono thing. LOL. Not a great look, but eh, oh well.

My adorable pants are from PinkBlush and they’re so comfy they give me life, but I also think you could probably see my mesh panties through them. Once again, not a great look, but eh, oh well.

For those that have followed along for a while, do you recognize that flower picture in the background? We did too! They put us in the exact same room that Mabel was born in!

See?! You can read more about coming home with Mabel in this post!

So, anyway, we loaded the little guy up and headed for home!

We had a brief moment when we got into the (hot) van where we looked at each other and said, “holy cow. we have three car seats. we have three kids”

And then off we went!

When we got home my Dad and Mabel were on the couch watching a movie and my Mom and Abigail were gone at a friend’s birthday party.

We ordered Buffalo Wild Wings take out for dinner and spent the rest of the night lounging on the couch.

We also all took turns/fought over who got to hold him next 😉 It was the best.

We are so glad to be home!

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  1. Your stories are always so sweet and touching. I just love reading the. You for sure has a big sister helper. She looks like a pro, holding her baby brother. I still can’t believe how beautiful you look after just having a baby. Such a cute family. I know you feel great being home. Again, congrats to you and your family. Tell Abigail I love the outfit she picked out for her brother, Finn to wear home from the hospital.

  2. Precious! I am so glad you were able to head home fast. That was my wish with Fletcher and I was there for three days. I laughed at your wardrobe stories because those last moments of actually getting out of the hospital are a bit chaotic. Glad Jim was wearing layers 🙂 I’m loving Finn in all these stripes. You just can’t go wrong with little boys and stripes.

  3. I think it’s funny you weren’t in the back seat with him….definitely not baby #1..haha I was in the back seat freaking out that we were going to get in a wreck and if he was breathing but again baby #1. I think your outfit looked great 🙂

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