Baby Boy Clothes

The time has finally come.

Now that Finn is six months old(next week. someone hold me) and it is finally starting to warm up a little outside. I’ve decided that it’s probably time to start dressing him in baby boy clothes. You know, like clothes other than pajamas.

But if you need to know what my favorite pajamas are- they’re these, these, and these (fit small, so size up!)

Anyway, back to dressing Finn in ACTUAL clothing.

I think dressing children goes something like this-

Dress a girl in sweet baby girl/little girl clothing.

Dress a boy? Clothes my husband wears, just miniature.

Like, I was looking for an Easter outfit for Finn and literally- dress clothes for boys come in these two bold stylistic choices: polo or button down.

But, I digress.

I’ve been having so much fun shopping for spring and summer clothes for Finn and finding pieces that make me so excited and ooh and ahh over the cuteness that having a little boy to dress is. So much so, that my husband might have sent me a text last week commenting on said shopping…


So of course, I thought I would share those finds with all of you!


First up, H&M!

I know I’ve shared a few times before how much I love their clothes(for boys and girls!) but I really am just loving all of their options for Finn right now. Not only that, but their price points are pretty great too.

I’ve found adorable jeans, chinos, shirts, bibs, hats, shoes, pajamas, sweats, and shorts. Basically, I’ve been able to put together almost his entire wardrobe from H&M. So good.

June & January- this is a store that I only shop their occasional sales and stock up(I wish I could afford to shop small all of the time, but alas, I can not!) but I love the few things that I have! Finn wears his J&J hooded jumpers all.the.time. along with his long sleeve henley’s. Their fabric is just so, so soft and comfortable. And I love clothes that are just plain, solid colors!

Target– I’m incredibly picky when it comes to what I choose from the mother ship for Finn- but, the things I have gotten there have been some of my favorite pieces! Luckily, he’s a big old chunk and can wear “toddler” sized clothing (12m) so most of his things haven’t even come from the “baby” section! Basically, you can’t go wrong with anything Cat & Jack- like these joggers, this hoodie, these jeans, and this tee!

Old Navy- Another store I’m incredibly picky with! Sometimes I’ll check out their website and be completely enamored with tons of options and sometimes I’ll check it out and not like a single piece. (I’m currently not loving their spring selection- so I don’t have anything to link at the moment!)


I’ve had to resist the urge to put adorable headbands and bows on his cute little head(he has so much more hair than either of the girls ever did!!) because seven years of headband usage will do that to a person. But, I’ve found some adorable hats, bandana bibs, and paci clips to let me accessorize to my hearts content, but still keep him looking like a little dude.

Lulu & Roo- I get tons of comments and questions whenever he is wearing his beanie hats (this one too!) from there. They run sales from time to time(which is always when I stock up!) so keep an eye out for those.

Copper Pearl Bibs– I found these bibs when I was at Joss + J. in Gilbert, AZ last summer(still pregnant!) and they have turned out to be one of the best purchases! So cute and keep his outfits drool free. Highly recommend! I also really, really like the June & January bibs too. I love their color choices!

Loved By Sophia Claire Pacifier Clips- I absolutely love these. I refuse to admit how many colors we own, but since I’m not buying bows for him, I guess we’ll call it a fair trade. They’re fantastic. High quality, tons of colors and styles to choose from, and for my little pacifier lover(and lover of spitting them out regularly) they’re a life saver for me! Cute and practical.


Another area that I really can’t seem to stop myself are with baby shoes. I MEAN. Who can resist?

So far, my absolute hands down HANDS DOWN favorites have been these booties. They are a billion times better than trying to wrangle socks on his feet and they stay on. Bless it.

But, now that we’re heading into warmer weather, I’ve been branching out into other shoes options as well. I adore these sandals, and these tennis shoes. I also love these for church! Plus, who can resist a little boy in a boat shoe. I CAN’T.

And that pretty much sums up the little boy clothes stuff I have been loving lately! If you have a little dude, where are your favorite places to shop and what finds have you been excited about for spring and summer?

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  1. ahh this is awesome! i will keep it in mind if we ever have a kid 🙂 i love h&m! their baby clothes are adorable. i like the lack of graphics and whatnot.

  2. So many cute things! Most of Liam’s clothes come from small shops, but I have a LOT of luck with H&M, too. The Cat & Jack line at Target usually has a lot of cute things, too! I think it’s just as much fun to shop for a boy!

  3. Sorry I am so late commenting, but I have over 4,000 emails to go through.??. Flynn is so handsome, and getting to be such a big boy. I love the outfits you select for him. He’s should be in a cute QT magazine.

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